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Justins Russ’ Update on Interning at FQ10

By: Intern Justin Russ

Over the course of the past several weeks, I can say with complete confidence that this internship has been a truly remarkable experience. Highlights to date include: playing catch with Drew Brees (and being so star-struck that I dropped a pass from 5 yards away), meeting TRX creator Randy Hetrick, competing against Under Armour executives in a workout challenge (and losing to a 40 year old), and working with some tremendous people of all ages and fitness levels. The information I’ve learned is invaluable, and the FQ10 staff is the definition of world class.

Tuesdays and Thursdays have recently become my favorite days of the week. Not only do I get to sleep in until 8am, but it also means fieldwork for the professional athletes. I’ve been assisting Todd and Ryan on a regular basis, and it’s amazing to watch elite athletes work. At the same time, I continue to learn more and more about organizing a field workout, progressions of field drills, and training volume as it applies to athletes and their often rigorous workout schedules. On the way back to the facility, Todd talked to me about connecting with people on a higher, more spiritual level. This, according to Todd, starts with finding balance in your own life.

This week also marked the beginning of two new programs at Fitness Quest 10. In between bites of his Fitzee Foods salmon, Brett organized the “Summer Education Series,” which is a series of presentations on a wide range of topics given by FQ10 coaches and interns. The program began on Tuesday with an informative lecture on program design for athletes given by Coach Matt Brown. Fellow intern Tony Cates followed up on Thursday with an excellent presentation on the popular topic of post exercise recovery. Want to know the great thing about this program? It’s available to the general public, and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm for the next 6 weeks. Come check it out, and these days will become your favorites as well!

Being an east-coaster and avid Buffalo Sabres Hockey fan, I couldn’t wait to help Coach Ryan Burgess with the 7 week hockey camp, which began on Tuesday. The camp got off to a great start. The kids work hard, are coachable, and have fun at the same time-it’s an awesome group that makes me love my job even more. And of course, Bird’s mohawk was as spiky as ever, despite the camp beginning at 7pm.

Other Shout-Outs:

The camps continue to be great day in and day out. I want to give a shout-out to Coach Chelsea for her constant enthusiasm, and Coach Mitch for his continuous effort. Coach Jeff, I WILL beat you in rebounder.

Shout outs to my fellow interns! Keep up the hard work, and keep doing a great job with the Sunday classes!

Front Desk Girls: Thank you for everything!

Gerald McCoy: It won’t be the same without you. Crush it this season.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! Talk to you soon!

–Justin Russ

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