The Bounce of a Ball

It only takes one time.  One bad bounce of a ball.  One trip over a “landmine” on the floor.  And your positive session with a client can go from positive to nightmare.  The purpose of this article is to remind you of the critical importance of SAFETY every single day, every single moment. It can […]

2011- Your Best Year Yet

I am a true believer. Each Christmas I notice everything printed with Believe or I Believe. Cards, calendars, ornaments, pillows – you’ve probably seen as much as I have or more. Well, I do believe. I believe in positive energy. I believe in persistence and mental toughness. I believe in myself and in others. I […]

Upper Body Exercises

Recently, came to Fitness Quest 10 for a video shoot to see how trainers from one of America’s Top 10 Gyms (Men’s Health Magazine), trains their athletes.  For the next several issues of the TD Times we will show you different exercises we use to prepare our athletes to perform at the highest level. […]

Top 6 Challenges You Face And Solutions To Overcome Them

By: Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS, Owner, Fitness Quest 10 Voted Top 10 Gym In America ~ Men’s Health Magazine (2009) “Popularity is people liking you; happiness is you liking you.” In a world in which we are all trying to discover our full potential and create “happy” lives, I find this to be an interesting […]

Trading In The Holiday Sleep For Holiday Sweat

Can’t find enough time this holiday season to get a workout in?  Have you fallen off your regular program?  The holiday stress can make anyone fall off his or her regular workout routine.  It happens to everyone.  But that doesn’t mean we have to loose track of our health and fitness goals just because we […]

Count Calories… Not Crunches

Have you ever seen those info commercials that guarantee a thinner midsection after doing 3 weeks of AB exercises?  Or maybe thinner arms after shaking a weight for only a few minutes a day?  Maybe you are someone who has actually ordered and used one the many devices that promise the same results.  I’m not […]

To Vegas and Back Successfully

“I work out 5 times a week and eat well but I am not getting the results I want.”  Does this sound like you?  As a Coach at Fitness Quest 10 ( in San Diego, people come to me everyday looking for answers as to why they are not getting the results they strive to achieve.  […]