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Trading In The Holiday Sleep For Holiday Sweat

Can’t find enough time this holiday season to get a workout in?  Have you fallen off your regular program?  The holiday stress can make anyone fall off his or her regular workout routine.  It happens to everyone.  But that doesn’t mean we have to loose track of our health and fitness goals just because we can’t get to the gym everyday.  Here are some quick tips to help your workout routine survive the holiday season:

Tip #1
I recently got a new dog for Christmas and although she has brought happiness to our house, she requires a lot of work.  One of the ways I had to accommodate her in to my life is waking up earlier and taking her for a walk.  It’s a little tough to wake up 30 minutes before I absolutely have too, but what benefits my dog is also benefiting me.

Try waking up 30 minutes earlier and putting your running shoes on.  By getting up and taking a brisk walk or run it not only prepares you for your day, but it also burns some extra calories.  Getting some kind of cardiovascular exercise in the morning helps elevate your metabolism through out the day and if you run out of time later that day you won’t feel like a lazy slob for missing your workout.  Just get it done the next day.

Tip # 2
Going to the gym or getting your “cardio” in can take a big chunk of time out of your day.  If you cant find the time to get your resistance and cardiovascular training, try combining them and increasing the speed at which you perform all the exercises.  In other words simply increase the intensity of your workout.  The faster and more intense your workout the less time you need to spend.  For example, take your planned workout, time yourself and go as fast as possible (while keeping good form of course).    Then remember your time and the next time you do your workout strive to beat that time.

If there is still not enough time to accomplish that, try this quick workout at home.

As many rounds as possible in 10 min:

20 body weight squats
15 pushups
10 full sit-ups

This is a great workout circuit that is guaranteed to get you results without learving your living room

Tip #3
Enjoy the holidays, have fun and keep everything in moderation…even moderation.

Happy holidays!!!!

By: Tom Cox

Tom Cox is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA.  He is C.S.C.S and is an ACE certified Personal Trainer.  Tom got his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in fitness and wellness from Chico State University and continues to further his education.  He specializes in athletic performance, strength training, weight loss, and total body functional training.  Tom loves motivating and inspiring people to reach their personal and fitness goals.  To Read More visit or or

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