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Comeback Challenge — I Was Beating Myself Up!

Looking back to when I was filming STRONG, I remember getting that phone call from executive producer Dave Broome that he needed me back on set to compete in a “Comeback Challenge.”

I also remember getting back in the car to head back to Malibu to compete to get back in the game.

And here was my self-talk and mindset:
“This is probably going to be a short trip. My body is hurting. I wonder what they are going to have us do…
I wonder if I will be competing with Devon…
I wonder if I will be competing solo…
I wonder if they will have us compete in the Tower…
Or do something we haven’t done yet..

And I kept thinking,

“Man, I wish they would give me a long throw football toss…I’d probably win that.” And than I would laugh and think, “Wait, it’s my right shoulder that’s hurt. I don’t think I would even win that one right now.”

I was beating myself up mentally!

And then I snapped my band on my right wrist. I needed to get rid of that stinking thinking and get my mind right. And there is nothing like a good snap of the IMPACT band to get your mind right.

I said to myself, “Stop beating yourself up. Do what you know how to do. Go out and compete and do the best you possibly can. Think about how Dad and Sawman would want you to show up and compete on TV. And whether it’s the Super Bowl, a college game, a high school game, a boot camp class…or to get back on STRONG…COMPETE like you know how. Period.”

And I welled up with tears as I headed north on the 405 to Los Angeles.

My mind was starting to churn and go deep. I was getting game-ready. My mind was right.

Sometimes your mind is your biggest opponent. If you are beating yourself up with negative self talk, filling your mind with excuses, or telling yourself that you CAN’T do something, SNAP YOUR BAND and #GetYourMindRight. And do it NOW!!

I hope you are ready for Thursday night. Because I sure will be! It’s almost time to COMPETE.

“See you” Thursday!


P.S. Tune in this Thursday at 8PM on NBC for the Comeback Challenge. Take a look at the preview now!

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