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Ep. 75 Shownotes: NFL Draft Day with Daniel Jeremiah

You talk about fired-up. History is about to be made tonight as the NFL Draft will be 100% virtual for the first time ever. My special guest is the face of who you will see on ESPN & the NFL Network over the next few days, Daniel Jeremiah. Daniel is not only an analyst for the NFL Network, but he is also the color commentator for the LA Chargers and a writer for You are in for a treat as we talk sports, share our top picks, and even put 100 pushups on the line! 

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you will love this episode as we are talking about Daniel’s meteoric rise from college QB, to NFL scout, to the booth, to being a lead figure at the NFL Network on the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft, and NFL GameDay. His path has been inspiring and you will witness how preparation, study, hard work, sacrifice, and consistently showing-up as your best leads to great things.

Enjoy the episode and please be sure to share this episode with your kids, family, social media, and anyone who enjoys sports, the NFL, or a high-performer at the height of his game. Lastly, feel free to post your Top 6-picks of the Draft and see how they stack up against ours. I would love to see your picks, as long as you are willing to put some pushups on it!

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1:10 – Todd gives 3 shout outs for great reviews written for the show.  Thank you all and keep the reviews coming!

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4:24 – Let’s get ready for the draft – Todd Introduces his special guest Daniel Jeremiah. Listen in to see how Daniel got to where he is today.

10:11 – Daniel shares insight on the first-ever virtual draft and how his home is now his commentator studio.

12:33 – Daniel shares his thoughts and strength of the 2020 draft.

14:02 – Daniel shares his top picks and all I can say is… WOW!

17:07 – Todd shares his top picks and we’ve got some competition going on!

22:30 – Who is the top sleeper in the draft?

24:45 – This is the time to focus on sports with the only show in town.  Listen in for a great distraction during this time.

26:06 – Daniel shares the best part of his job.

29:02 – Daniel shares how he balances work with family time, 90% is showing up!

32:45 – 100 Pushups on the line!

Thank you, Daniel Jeremiah, for being a guest on the IMPACT Show!
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