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Happy 4th and My Top Takeaways [Chasing Greatness Wrap-up] I’ve been doing this for 23 years!

I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend. My highlight is always doing our traditional Scripps Ranch parade. We’ve been doing it for 23 years straight, and it’s always great to see so many community members out on the parade route.

Tradition has it that we exercise the entire 3-mile route. So pushups, squat jumps, lunges, skater plyos, cadence runs…and more pushups highlight the parade route.

We, of course, preface the Parade with a bit of pre-parade pump that consists of “chest, back, and #ArmFarm.” Lots and lots of arms before the Parade.

Can you tell by my MyZone heart-rate monitor, which was the “parade part” of the workout that was a 3-mile “sprint”??

(323 MEP’s earned and 1,860-calories burned!)…

Now that was a GREAT day of working out!

Speaking of great, we are wrapping up the “CHASING GREATNESS” series this week. The past 7-episodes (Episodes 249 – 255) have been filled with some of the most iconic conversations involving people from all walks of life—athletes, military, entrepreneurs, and world-changers. And your feedback has been extraordinary. Thank you.

In this week’s wrap-up episode of the “Chasing Greatness” series, you’ll get some coaching from yours truly, and I’m going to get personal.

There are two parts to today’s IMPACT Show. First, I will share my top takeaways from the “Chasing Greatness” series and the part of each episode that really stood out for me. It is a compilation of my favorite parts from each show, what they meant to me, and why they are relevant. Drew Brees, Chase Daniel, Daniel Camarena, Brett Rypien, Zion Clark, and 1st Lt. Riley Compton all gave me at least one great takeaway.

The 2nd part of the episode is where you’ll get some coaching on the topic of “Chasing Greatness.” Not only am I going to share the top characteristics of ‘greatness,’ I will challenge you with 5 important questions to answer so that you too can step into your #GreatnessZone and operate as your best self also.

Listen NOW…

Let’s create a GREAT week. While it will be a short one, let’s make it extraordinary.

Much love,


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