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Helmet Notes

My Dad started a tradition with me my first year in Pop Warner football. It happened just before my first game against St Joseph’s (NJ) when I was in the 6th grade.

As I went to put on my helmet before the game, a handwritten note dropped out of my helmet.

I looked at the note and it said:

“I’ll be cheering for you from High on Top of the 40. Win or Lose, I’ll always be your biggest fan. Go Deep and have fun today! Dad XO”

And then it said:

“Throw a TD and you get a pizza. Run for a TD and you get a soda. ☺”

Well, that helmet note sure made me smile and started a tradition that lasted my entire football career.

And it’s a tradition that I uphold for my 2 boys now, Luke and Brady.

As I get ready to embark upon Week #2 of Pop Warner this afternoon, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will leave them a helmet note before our games today.


Luke & Brady getting ready for Pop Warner game today!!


And while I don’t typically “bribe” them with rewards of food or money, I do try to reinforce my love and support for them win or lose. And to get a smile on their face just before game time.

My friends, I have found the power of a “helmet note” goes a long way. I used it on STRONG with my girls, Devon and Brittany before our competitions.

I use “cleat notes” for my daughter before her soccer games.

And I will continue to use the power of “helmet notes” to create IMPACT when IMPACT is needed.

How about you? Is there someone you can write a “helmet note” to today?

Maybe it’s your kids…

Maybe it’s to your spouse (that would be called a love note!). ☺

Maybe it’s to a coworker that’s struggling…or just needs to be encouraged.

The power of YOUR words go a long way. Inspire someone this weekend with your written and verbal words. Perhaps you will find it makes such an IMPACT that you will start a tradition that will last 35 years later. And that truly is special!


Much love…and many “helmet notes.”



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P.P.S. Results of my first Pop Warner Game!!

Well, in case you were wondering what happened with that first Pop Warner game, I wound up throwing for 2 TD’s and running for one TD. We had a huge Pizza fest after the game with the family and a big glass of soda. Wow—that was special for a 10 year old. And shows you the power of that darned helmet note!!

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