Todd Is Ready to Come Speak to YOU Virtually or In Person… & GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

Todd Durkin, author of now third book “Get Your Mind Right”, is an internationally recognized strength, speed and conditioning coach, bodyworker, and motivational speaker. Todd is not only known for leading himself to build one of the Top Gym’s in America, but he has developed and led a growing team of leaders within that gym for the past 20 years, motivated many of the top athletes in the world to Hall-Of- Fame status, has coached countless high-level executives through 1-on-1 sessions and dedicated the past 12 years to gathering the brightest and most action-oriented business minds through his Todd Durkin Mastermind. A Mastermind dedicated to taking business professionals from struggling to personal and team success, and ultimately, to manifesting true significance.

Committed to bringing the same significance and success around the world to leaders and organizations who need it, Todd consistently WOWs crowds through his motivational and educational workshops, facilitation of corporate team-building events, and keynoting at conferences and businesses around the country— appearances that never fail to leave an impact.

He also reaches the world virtually- as now, more than ever, coming together online is not only a need, but a necessity! Through virtual meet ups and group calls, Todd is able deliver the same impact— firing up leaders and connecting teams through his one-of-a-kind speeches and meetings. His motivation can be delivered to any company or leader around the world, and felt from wherever they are located.

Todd challenges the way we think; teaches us to overcome fear, frustration, and failure; and empowers us live a life of greater health, happiness, and harmony. His one of a kind energy, passion that can’t be ignored, wisdom, diverse & specialized experience, and fun-loving spirit allow him to masterfully customize a message to any business, organization, conference, or industry focusing on high-performance, leadership, balancing purpose and passion with everyday life, and of course, creating massive IMPACT.

Todd isn’t just telling us to get our mind right— he’s showing us how.

If you would like Todd to come transform mindsets and inspire a culture of I.M.P.A.C.T within your organization, he and his experienced team of specialists at Todd Durkin Enterprises are ready to create a memorable event for you!

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Todd is one of the elite resources in the country when it relates to helping high performing CEOs and leaders create even greater impact in their field or life. He is transformative in the manner in which he delivers his narrative in order to connect, to engage and to achieve impact at the highest levels. He is one of the great change agents anywhere – helping leaders go from great to excellence. I am proud of his work with my clients, many leaders of publicly traded companies and high functioning management teams, and with me personally. He is life coach and leadership master to who’s who in sports and business.

Brad Deuster
CEO + President
Deuster, LLC
Creators + Consultants

We invited Todd to have an impact on our sales and account management teams – to inspire them to think about personal health and well being and to do so on an intellectual, emotional and spiritual level.  His presentation translated to lasting behavior change amongst our associates.  From the moment Todd began his presentation, the teams were transfixed on his genuine energy and powerful, impactful messages about personal growth and accountability to the organization.  Although Todd has trained many famous athletes, I highly encourage company leaders to understand that his messages are applicable to everyone in all industries.  When you invite Todd to be a part of your life, your organization, you better be careful – he will make you better.

-Alexi Vontsolos, MBA
Vice President, Sales & Account Management
Health Net of California

If you’re looking for a high impact experience for the men of your church that will challenge them at their core and inspire them to be more, then bring in Todd Durkin. His insatiable passion and real-life coaching will connect with the men and move them to live a life of high impact. I would highly recommend you get a “Dose of Durkin”!

– Jason Cullum
Lead Pastor
Christ’s Church

One Keynote Example:

Creating WOW in Your Business & Life!

Todd has spent two decades training pro athletes on the field and mentoring fitness leaders in the trenches of business. As the owner of Fitness Quest 10 and author of The WOW Book, he will share wisdom about business, life, and success. He will talk about sacrifice, risk-taking, beliefs, dreams, and getting your mind right in the face of adversity. He will challenge your vision as a leader and urge you to “do better” in daily life. You’ll leave this talk inspired to take your business, career, and life to the next level!

Additionally, he shares with incredible, real stories of what it takes for YOU to:

Live Inspired.
Master Your Craft.
Play at World Class.
Take Action in Life.
Condition for Greatness.
Be Tenacious.

Regardless of your industry or business, if you are looking to get the most out of your employees and want to light a fire under their backside, this is the talk to do!

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