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Quarterbacking your Own Health

WOW. March 1st. Crazy to think we are already into the 3rd month of 2021!

One of my best friends in the fitness industry is Peter Twist. “Twister” (as I like to call him) is an icon in the training & coaching field and is someone I’ve known for almost 25-years.

“Twister” is a force of nature and is someone who is passionate about living his best life.

In 2011, Pete’s world was rocked when he was diagnosed with Stage-4 throat cancer. He was in the fight of his life and did every single thing possible to stay ALIVE.

Today, he is not only alive…he is ALIVE & THRIVING!

And today, “Twister” is my special guest on the IMPACT SHOW podcast.

I know you will be fired-up to live healthier after listening to this one. You will be inspired. You will feel his energy. And you will re-commit to “Quarterbacking Your Own Health.”

Listen NOW…

One of my favorite parts of this episode is Peter revealing his “26-Ingredient Jungle Juice” to fight cancer…

During Pete’s battle, I remember being up in Vancouver, Canada, with him and he offered me a protein-shake. Of course, I obliged. How could I say no to a “protein-shake.”

Next thing I know Twister is throwing more greens and supplements into his Vitamix than I have EVER seen in one shake.

We talk about that story and for the first-time ever reveal the 26 specific ingredients as what I have dubbed the “Peter Twist’s Famous 26-Ingredient Anti-Cancer Jungle Juice.”

Folks, that alone is worth the price of admission for listening to the episode.

Oh wait…it’s FREE!

Listen in NOW and I promise this episode WILL get you better. You can thank me later!

One of “Twister’s” favorite sayings and life’s mantra’s is…

“Today I will keep everything I have, what I keep inside, I lose forever.”

I know that you listening to this episode today will help you be the best you can be. Whether you are an athlete, kid, Mom or Dad, entrepreneur, trainer, coach, high-performer, or life-transformer, I know this podcast today is going to IMPACT your life.

LISTEN in and let’s get March started off on the right foot.

Much love…lots of quarterbacking…and time for IMPACT!


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