IMPACT Journal


You are a “MindRight Maniac” in perpetual pursuit of your best self, but you have doubts and setbacks, right? Take complete control of your life with daily journaling – just five minutes in the morning and five at night. Will you give YOURSELF that?

Journaling has a profound IMPACT on how you live your life. GO DEEP on gratitude, goals, prayers, and intentions in your daily reflection with the IMPACT JOURNAL, and never look back. The journal asks you simple, yet profound questions. YOU do the writing.

This year, Todd released a new God-Sized Dreams Planner to help people reverse-engineer their success and live their God-Sized Dreams. The daily, weekly, and monthly planner changed lives and the IMPACT JOURNAL is the follow-up companion product to get your MIND RIGHT to accomplish your PLAN.

The IMPACT JOURNAL is about owning the day with consistency. Go on, give YOURSELF five minutes at night. You deserve it!

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