The IMPACT Body Plan Book


The IMPACT Body Plan is the GAME-CHANGING fitness program that will change your life! No matter your fitness level this program is for you.  Superstar trainer Todd Durkin is now sharing his revolutionary program to help transform your body into a lean, strong, athletic machine. With the IMPACT Body Plan, you too can train like a pro athlete!

Professional athletes from every sport travel across the country to train with Todd Durkin. WHY? RESULTS! The results you will see from Todd’s IMPACT training program are both mental and physical.  This book is more than just a workout. The lessons that Todd shares in his book will also help you to get your mind right, AND THEN SOME.

Train with the IMPACT Body Plan and break through the barriers of one-dimensional cardio and weight training instead use innovative training methods that will help you achieve total body fitness.

The IMPACT Body Plan Workouts will take 45-60 minutes. Pressed for time? On the go? Todd offers several 10-20 minute body blasting workouts to keep you on track.