God-Sized Dreams Planner


More than just a planner… you will fulfill your biggest dreams, mission, vision, and what God has called you to do!

Todd believes that everyone has big dreams and great ideas. Last he checked, everyone wants to be a millionaire. Or have great health. Or improve their spiritual depth. Or enhance their relationships. And certainly, to work on their legacy. But it doesn’t just happen. It takes living with intentionality. It takes strategizing about what to work on, with whom to work on it, when to work on it, and how much time to work on it. It’s all about how you allocate YOUR ENERGY and when you precisely allocate that ENERGY that’s the secret sauce to G.S.D. (Getting Stuff Done). And my God-Sized Dreams Planner is going to help you do exactly that. It’s going to become a “daily ritual” for you to have it by your side when you say to yourself, “What’s Next?”

It’s a culmination of Todd’s work for over two decades, and I believe it truly is going to create significant IMPACT in all areas of your life.

The God-Sized Dreams Planner is going to help you decipher what is right and what is timely. You do not want to leave success and significance to happen-stance and luck. It just won’t happen at the level you want. It’s going to require time, energy, focus, and headspace on your end to think about what you want your outcomes to be.

You will literally reverse engineer your success starting from your life to your year, to your quarter, to your month, to your week, to your day! BOOM.

Ultimately, Todd wants you to control your destiny based on YOUR roadmap, your plan, and your action steps designed to help you create the IMPACT that you desire and that you were created for. Sound good? Are you fired up? I thought so!

It’s time to get after it and start PLANNING and EXECUTING the IMPACT that God has created inside you. It’s already there. Todd’s job is to help pull it out of you.

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