Sports Performance 7 Set Bundle


When it comes to fitness and sports performance, this 7-set digital series is a content-rich program with hundreds of exercises that Todd uses on a daily basis with all of his athletes and clients.  If you want to get a true taste of his methodology and philosophy as well as skills, drills, and exercises used; THIS is the program for you.

It covers the 7 aspects that he uses with all clients including:

  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Joint Integrity
  • Core Conditioning
  • Sports Strength
  • Power & Plyometrics
  • Speed, Agility, & Quickness
  • Flexibility

Each platform has over 30 of Todd’s favorite exercises to reach maximum results within each of the components of fitness.

Note:  This 7-set Series is primarily a teaching tool for coaches, trainers, parents, and fitness and sport professionals. These are not “follow-along” workouts.  If you want to learn what Todd does and see how he achieves world-class results with his clients, this is the program for you.


This 7-set program essentially takes 20+ years of Todd’s experience and puts it into one bundle pack for you.

Each program is completely focused on improving its own specific component of fitness & sport performance.  These components include:

  • Dynamic Warm-up.  This is Todd’s actual dynamic warm-up he uses with his athletes.  The program will teach you his standard protocol to prepare the body from feet to fingertips, warm-up and lengthen fascia, and even integrate and improve flexibility.  And while some may think this program is a workout in itself, it is actually just the perfect start to building a world-class training program.  Start your engines!
  • Joint Integrity.  In order to build a monument, you must first build a strong foundation.  This program teaches you Todd’s truly unique and innovative methods to build joint integrity in the foot, ankle, knee, hip, lower back, and shoulder/rotator cuff regions of the body.  Time to start building the monument.
  • Core Conditioning. Over 60% of power is generated from the trunk.  Therefore in this program Todd teaches you over 40 moves in this program utilizing bodyweight, Swiss Balls, medicine balls, Bosu, and more.  Todd’s “core conditioning” program is what he uses everyday to churn out world-champions in all walks of life.
  • Sports Strength.  If you want to be great in sports or in life, you have to be strong. This program teaches you over 40 exercises that can be done anywhere, anyplace without any fancy equipment.  The majority of the unique strength moves Todd shares in this program utilize bodyweight, dumbbells, resistance sport cords, and medicine balls and can be performed in the gym, on the field, or in the backyard.  Bottom line…learn what to do, how to do it right, and then DO IT!
  • Power & Plyometrics.  If you want to be a great athlete, you need to be explosive.  Whether you are working with a 12 year old youth athlete or a seasoned-NFL pro, you need to be able to properly teach fast-twitch muscle development, neurological adaptation, and overall power.  This program contains over 30 of Todd’s top lower body and upper body plyometric exercises to derive maximum power for his athletes.  It’s a must see!
  • Speed, Agility, & Quickness.  The most common “differentiator” between athletes in a given sport is speed and quickness.  In this program you will learn over 50 of his top drills and exercises used to enhance speed, agility, and reaction time for athletes of all ages. Additionally, Todd discusses stride frequency and stride length and shows you the best ways to improve these areas of speed development.  Time to get fast!
  • Flexibility.  Flexibility can NOT be an after-thought.  There must be real attention paid to the quality of stretching and what you are doing when you are trying to lengthen muscle and fascia. Todd shares his complete pre & post stretching routine in this program.  It includes foam rolling, massage stick, and breathing/meditation exercises, along with his actual stretching routines.  Be long…be strong!

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