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Success without Fulfillment is the Ultimate Failure

I’ve had some deep talks with many people in the last few weeks and months. And it seems as if there is a common theme that I’m finding…

There is a whole heckuva lot of soul-searching going on. I’m right there with you!

Here are just some of the things I’m hearing:

  • “I’ve been successful for 20-years in my business, but I’ve never felt more empty and frustrated.”
  • “I’m 53-years old, making significant 6-figures in my career but I’ve never had more self-doubt in my life.”
  • “I’m beating myself up for not being the parent that I want to be.”
  • “There has to be more to life than what I’ve been doing the last 10-years. I just feel so unfulfilled.”
  • “My tank is on E.”
  • “I’ve run a successful business for years. Something is missing.”
  • “My faith has been shot in the last 2-years. I used to be much stronger and rooted in my faith. The last 2-years have left me more lost and empty than ever before.”
  • “There’s gotta be more to life. I need a change or a super-charge of something.”
  • “I’m burnt-out. I wish I could take a 6-month sabbatical and just face-plant on an island.”

And out of the many conversations I’ve had, these are just some of the things I’ve heard.

I could go on and on. But I won’t. Perhaps even you have said one or more of these things in the last couple of years. Real stuff.

Tony Robbins says, “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

That begs the question, what ultimately then is fulfillment?

Is it fulfillment of the body, mind, and spirit?

Is it the fulfillment of one’s maximum potential to share your gifts with the world?

Is it achieving a certain financial number that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire AND the ability to give back a certain amount?

Is it working less? Or working more? Or finding the “balance” of how to work most effectively and what to focus your work on?

Is it aligning your passions, your purpose, your gifts, and core values and living them out on a daily basis?

Is it mentoring and impacting the world with your gifts to leave this place better than you found it?

Bottom line is this… I believe we all are in a quest to discover our deepest calling. Our deepest purpose.

I believe we all want to discover our divine gifts and share them with the world.
I believe we all want to find more joy & happiness in our daily walk of life.

I know we all want to be the BEST version of ourselves we can possibly t

And we think to ourselves, “There’s gotta be more. There must be a deeper purpose and calling where I can find even more fulfillment. More happiness. More joy.”

Hmmm. I’ve been going deep on this “Finding fulfillment” thing lately.
I’ve journaled on it.
I’ve talked about it.
I’ve had hundreds of conversations on it.
I’ve prayed about it.

I guess I’m in a deep space myself to push my limits to see how far I can tap into my potential to see what is there.

As always, I want to be real with you. I want to let you into my head. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you can’t. But at the risk of being judged, I’m going to share some of my deep thoughts with you.

I’m curious.
I sometimes get bored with the “normal” routine.
I’m highly motivated to see how much I can push the envelope.
I ask myself the question almost every day, “Is this the best you can do?”

And then I ask myself some deep questions. I’ll ask you the same ones…

  • How much potential did God really give me?
  • Am I fully tapping into the potential that God gave me?
  • What if WHO I am now is not the best of WHO I will become ‘tomorrow’?
  • How can I further tap into my deepest and best self to not only create more impact but to find even more fulfillment?
  • How can I do a better job with what I do now?
  • Are there other things I should be considering to spread, grow, and increase my impact… and my happiness and fulfillment?

When I meet God someday (hopefully in about 60-years from now), is he going to say, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” or is he going to say, “What happened? I gave you all those talents and gifts. The world thought you were successful, and you bought into it, so you never fully stepped into who I designed you to be because you were too afraid of failing or what the world might think? Oh, ye of little faith.”


Damn. I don’t want that to be me. And I don’t want it to be you either!

I believe all of us want happiness, joy, peace, and fulfillment in our lives.

Of course, we all want success as well. But the one thing I’ve realized about “success” is that as great as it is, it really is SIGNIFICANCE we seek.

Significance as a parent.
Significance as a spouse.
Significance as a teammate. Or coworker or colleague.
Significance as a professional. Regardless of what your career is.

Significance. Doing meaningful work honoring our gifts, talents, skillsets, dreams, visions, passion, and purpose.

We all want to be more SIGNIFICANT. It is what leads to complete fulfillment.

I’ll end with this, and then I want to invite you to a special event I’m having on this very topic of FULFILLMENT.

The last thing you or I want to do is die with dreams or goals inside of you or untapped potential.

And I certainly don’t want you living without complete fulfillment either.

But because of head-trash, stinkin-thinkin, a scarcity mindset, fear, or anxiety, ill-health, lack of faith, or a bad mindset, we often get stuck with where we are at and can’t make the leap into the “next level” of your personal, professional, or spiritual development.

So here’s what I’m doing…

I want to have a special conversation on this topic of fulfillment.

Chances are you are already successful.
Chances are you already have built a great reputation.
And you probably have tasted some of the good life as well.

But you KNOW there is more.
You know there is another level you can get to.

So here is what I’m inviting you to attend virtually with me…

I’m offering a 1-hour (60-minute) educational webinar/workshop on this very topic.
I want to go deep with you.
I want to coach you.
I want to HELP YOU discover even more fulfillment in your life.

Not just success (although we will talk about that too as we all want that also!) but SIGNIFICANCE.

Here are the details on the FREE WEBINAR/WORKSHOP:

Finding Fulfillment NOW!

How To Clarify Your Calling, Overcome Fear & Overwhelm, & Create A Strategic Plan To Achieve Something More & Greater This Year

Here is what I will cover in the free workshop/webinar:

  • Wondering what’s next? Develop the vision to see it, the clarity to focus on it, and the passion to pursue it.
  • Discover how to create, control, and steer your energy to beat exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout as you seek fulfillment.
  • How to understand and attack your fears to conquer self-doubt, maximize your faith, and push through procrastination and roadblocks.
  • Go from wanting to achieving by focusing on the right priorities and paving a clear path forward
  • We all experience setbacks and struggles on our mission for more. Discover practical habits, processes, and rituals to overcome any obstacles standing in your way.
  • Discover the best version of YOU!!!

Thursday, Feb.24th
11 am PST/2 pm EST


Additionally, I will be taking any/all questions LIVE during the webinar, so I invite you to join me, regardless of where you live.

My friend, I’m really looking forward to helping you find more joy, health, happiness, and fulfillment this year. This is going to be deep. But then again, that’s what we all need. Deep work. I’m committed to helping you live your God-Sized Dreams in all capacities and at all levels.

I’m on this journey with you and pumped to see you on Feb 24th to go even deeper.

Much love…and tons of fulfillment.


P.S. When you sign-up, you will get the recording also!

If you sign up for the webinar/workshop but can’t make it live, I will send you the replay after our call.

So definitely sign-up and definitely take advantage of this unique free opportunity to “Find Fulfillment NOW!”–optin

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