New Series ‘CHASING GREATNESS’ with Drew Brees

Ep. 250 already! WOW-O-WOW. What happens if you’ve achieved greatness in one career, retire, and then embark on a new journey? Not always as easy as it sounds but one that is often necessary when going into your “2nd curve” in life. Does leaving one career for another career mean your pursuit of greatness is […]

My Advice to the Younger Generation with Carter Pline

I recently had a deep conversation with a 19-year old gentleman who had some deep questions for me. This young man, a student-athlete at Mount Vernon Nazarene College in Ohio, is looking to gain practical wisdom and insight as he is currently making some big decisions to set himself up for success in life. My […]

My Fitness Journey: Natalie Brown

When I was 6 years old I told my Mom and Dad that I didn’t want to play soccer anymore because “I hated running!”  This was a very interesting way to start my fitness journey. For those that know me now, times have changed. I love to run now. However, my 6 year old self […]