New Series ‘Chasing Greatness’ with MLB Pitcher Daniel “Slamarena” Camarena

Sometimes on the road to greatness, you get derailed. Setbacks, roadblocks, obstacles… or even injuries occur and you get temporarily side-tracked. Meet Daniel Camarena, an MLB pitcher with the San Diego Padres (who I’ve trained since he was a young kid) who pursued getting to “The Show” for 10-years in the minors before getting his […]

The Road to “The Show”–3 Pro Baseball Players Journey to MLB

Spring Training is about to begin and the baseball season is right around the corner. The last 15-weeks, I’ve been in the weight-room grinding and preparing 8 current MLB and minor-league players for their upcoming 2020 season. Baseball is a sport built on endurance, mindset…and failure.  Yes, failure. Pro baseball is a long season that […]