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New Series ‘Chasing Greatness’ with MLB Pitcher Daniel “Slamarena” Camarena

Sometimes on the road to greatness, you get derailed. Setbacks, roadblocks, obstacles… or even injuries occur and you get temporarily side-tracked. Meet Daniel Camarena, an MLB pitcher with the San Diego Padres (who I’ve trained since he was a young kid) who pursued getting to “The Show” for 10-years in the minors before getting his first call-up. Yep, a full decade! As a matter of fact, in his first hit in the Majors last year, Daniel hit a grand-slam home run that triggered a huge San Diego Padres comeback and eventual win. “DC” is one of only 2 pitchers in MLB history to hit a grand slam for his first hit in the “Bigs.” 

But Daniel’s career was recently side-tracked as he just had Tommy John surgery just weeks prior to this recording. He injured his UCL during Spring Training and he needed to get it surgically repaired. While it’s a devastating year-long injury, I was reminded that the “Chase for Greatness” is definitely an upward climb filled with pot-holes, twists & turns, and sometimes even tough setbacks. This one is no different and is why I wanted Daniel on the Show.

In this “Chasing Greatness” episode of the IMPACT Show, Daniel and I talk in detail about how he stays focused through challenges and triumphs, the importance of surrounding yourself with good people during the good times & bad times, the significance of a positive mindset and the crazy details leading up to his history-making grand-slam. This episode is chock-full of insights including: 

  • The importance of staying ready so you don’t have to get ready.
  • How a positive mindset is essential to recovery and overcoming challenges.
  • Surrounding yourself by positive people is vital.
  • The toughest challenge he’s had to overcome was the death of his father and how that has fueled his toughness, tenacity, and focus.
  • Sacrifice is necessary to be great and what he does to keep his habits in line with his goals.
  • Significance of family support.
  • What’s next for Daniel Camarena.

I know you are going to enjoy this episode and the full “Chasing Greatness” series – It will inspire you to embrace, nurture, and share your inner greatness. Keep fighting and keep swinging for the fences!

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Noteworthy Quotes from this Episode:

“Iron sharpens Iron” ~ Proverb 27:17

We don’t complain. We don’t explain. We find solutions.” ~ Louie Camarera  

“If it’s gonna be, it’s up to me.” ~ Todd Durkin

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