Recovery 101

Work hard.  Train hard.  Play even harder. If you live this kind of lifestyle, then you realize the necessity of proper recovery.  I will break it down simply into 5 easy steps: COOL DOWN, EAT, STRETCH, MASSAGE, SLEEP! 1)  Cool Down =  5 – 20 minutes (depending on your workout) of light cardio, walking, or low […]

At Least A 1000 Ways To Eat Oatmeal

Eat Breakfast or Else… First, why breakfast?  It is extremely important that you start your day off right by fueling up, increasing energy, mental alertness, and giving your brain, body, and muscles the glucose they need to function.  Oatmeal is an awesome (if not the best) way to do just that. The health benefits gained […]

Self Myo-Fascial Release

      What’s up all?  Eric Isselin here.  I’m a sports massage therapist and personal training intern over at Fitness Quest 10.  As part of our internship we will be writing weekly blog posts about topics we are both knowledgeable and passionate about.  Don’t miss out on a great opportunity  to get valuable information outside […]