Afraid To Be Successful

Afraid To Be Successful By: Lindsey Richardson As I was standing in the break-room at work a few weeks back, one of my close colleagues and mentors was chatting with another one of my teammates. As they were chatting about blogging and products, my name came up, and I heard him say to my other […]


By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS For many years, I’ve been deeply entrenched in studying success. I’m engrossed by it. I want to know what the best of the best in any field does to be at the top of their game. Athletes, doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, fitness professionals. You name it. One of the common […]

The IMPACT Question Corner

Thanks for your questions on our Facebook LIKE Pages ( and on our Twitter feed ( this past week.  I always enjoy hearing from you and connecting via our Social Media outlets. If you have a question that you would like to ask, please visit one of the links above and share your question.  I […]

The IMPACT Question Corner

I recently asked my followers on Facebook & Twitter for their most pressing questions as it relates to health & fitness. I received some great questions and going to answer a few of them now. Q: As a trainer, is it important to makes sure your clients wear a heart rate monitor? A: I highly […]