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Thanks for your questions on our Facebook LIKE Pages ( and on our Twitter feed ( this past week.  I always enjoy hearing from you and connecting via our Social Media outlets.

If you have a question that you would like to ask, please visit one of the links above and share your question.  I will do my best to get to them!

Here are 3 of your questions from my Facebook LIKE Page:

Q. Bobby wanted to know: What recovery methods do you use with your athletes that creates IMPACT when they return to training or competition?

A. Great question Bobby.  Recovery is the name of the game.  Some of the critical “basic” aspects of recovery that we can’t overlook are sleep and nutrition.  These 2 things are MUSTS if you really want to maximize your recovery.  Other important recovery protocols include foam rolling, stretching, yoga, massage therapy/bodywork, supplementation (glutamine, branch-chain amino acids, Vitamin B’s, and fish oils).  You can find out my specific protocol in my book, The IMPACT! Body Plan.

Q. Gregg from New Jersey asked: Hey Todd, I play QB and I have golfers elbow from throwing too much. Do you have any recommendations on how to make my arm stronger and to not have to worry about getting this injury again?

A. Gregg, as a quarterback or pitcher, you really need to make sure you are doing several things.  First off, make sure you are training the back-side to front-side in a 2:1 fashion.  Additionally, include all your sport cord/light dumbbell work to build the joint integrity of your shoulders (ie. external rotations, Travoltas/hitch-hikers, scarecrows, etc.).  Lastly, you want to make sure you are emphasizing feet to fingertip strength work.  Legs, hips, and core all play a critical role in quarterbacking.  “Arm strength” is a misnomer as this really comes from the translation of your entire body working together.

Monitor volume, get some soft-tissue treatment and be sure to see a medical professional if the pain continues to persist.

Q. Jennifer want to know my one tip for helping clients to “get their mind right?”

A. Jennifer, I like this question so much I will give you more than one tip.  Take quiet time every morning (at least 10 minutes) to pray, meditate, journal, or workout.  This is crucial.  Additional tips:  read inspirational books, surround yourself with positive people, remove energy vampires from your life, make sure you EAT right and always TRAIN hard and LIVE INSPIRED.

Here are 3 questions I received via Twitter: (

Q. @ben_macmillan wanted to know, the 1 thing that I do or have that sets me apart from many other trainers?

A:  Ben, I have a mindset of Ready…FIRE…aim, instead of “Ready, aim, fire”.  I have never been afraid of taking action and I never let FEAR paralyze me.  To me, fear is a motivating force to take ACTION and serve as a temperature gauge if I’m playing in the right stratosphere.  Mindset my friends, mindset.  It is always critical to have your mind right!

Q. @Gabreezy10 asked, Do you have a set of exercises you particularly like to put your quarterbacks through?

A:  Yes.  See my book, The IMPACT! Body Plan as it truly is what I do.

Q. @tallsox20 wanted to hear my TOP 5 exercises for baseball players?

A:  Kevin, check out my answer to the quarterback question above.  But if I had to list out “only” 5:

1.  Plank to Pushups

2.  TRX High Rows, Scarecrows, I’s, Y’s, & T’s

3.  Bucket Tosses (with Jam Balls)

4.  Super Band Lateral Band Walks, Upright Rows, Band Splitter Combinations

5.  Rice Bucket Drills for Grip Strength

Woops. That’s more than 5.  Always AND THEN SOME brother!

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