The Bounce of a Ball

It only takes one time.  One bad bounce of a ball.  One trip over a “landmine” on the floor.  And your positive session with a client can go from positive to nightmare.  The purpose of this article is to remind you of the critical importance of SAFETY every single day, every single moment. It can […]

Twister… Industry Icon in the Fight of His Life

By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS I need to share a remarkable story of a fitness professional in the fight of his life. He is someone I have long admired. Someone I have shared the stage with many times. One of the best presenters I have ever heard. A wildly successful entrepreneur who has earned more […]

The Dangers of Running

Many people enjoy running as a great form of exercise.  Some people have been running for years and yearn for the next “runner’s high,” while others are simply just trying to get in shape.  Seeing as how we live in America’s Finest City, we are given the opportunity to enjoy going out for a jog […]

The Importance of Flexibility in Athletes

One of the aspects of training that often gets pushed to the wayside is flexibility.  When we are in a crunch for time, the first thing that gets removed from the workout is stretching.  Unfortunately, that is an important aspect!  Stretching improves and maintains range of motion, reduces stiffness in your joints, reduces soreness, reduces […]

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is not Yoga and is not mainly Stretching! Many People are under the assumption that Pilates is mainly stretching. I hear it more often then not explained as and or compared to Yoga. Do not get me wrong, I think that Yoga is great and can be very beneficial, but Pilates and Yoga are […]

Lessons From a Triathlete

-Cara Regas I recently returned from a whirlwind of traveling… two trips to Hawaii for relatives’ weddings in three weeks!  It was awesome to be constantly outdoors: playing, working out and enjoying the islands.  While I was there, I got the opportunity to speak to a local triathlete (we will call her Ann).  Ann lives […]

Get Serious

There’s no surprise in the fact that I spend time each and every day talking with people about their goals.  After all, as a trainer and performance coach, that’s what I do. Normally, I love this part of my work. I like nothing better than to see my clients, teammates and friends succeed. You might […]

The Lighthouses of Training Youth

A navy battleship was in stormy waters when they spotted the light of what appeared to be another vessel in the distance.  The ship’s captain made radio contact with orders for the other vessel to change their course.  “Negative” was the reply.  “We recommend you change your course 15 degrees south to avoid a collision.”  […]

4 TRX Partner Moves

Here are 4 TRX movements we came up with that require a partner. FAI recommends one unit per person; however, we felt these were safe, effective alternatives that we incorporate on occasion to infuse a little competition and a lot of fun. Here is a brief breakdown on the 4 exercises: 1. TRX Suspended Burpee […]

Overuse Injuries —The Rising Epidemic of Child Sacrifice in Youth Sports

Paul Stricker, MD Youth Sports Medicine Specialist & Olympic Physician Scripps Clinic San Diego, CA In our “Super-Sized” society, more is always better—so it seems.  In youth sports, however, more is not always better, and in fact, can be harmful.  Almost 40 million youth are involved in sporting activities, and of those, it is estimated […]