3 Strategic Decisions for Growing the Brand

I love the growth mindset & the perpetual desire to get better. Today’s episode is one where you are literally stepping into a meeting at the TDE Headquarters discussing 3 “big” potential marketing & brand-enhancement strategies. You will be like a fly on the wall as we make some “big” decisions to proliferate even more […]

Create Your Edge?

  “Success is never ending and failure is never final.” It’s a quote by Robert Schuller that resonates deeply. It’s for the upper 10% of the world that are considered peak performers. These are the folks, in any industry, that are always searching for “the edge.” What is your edge? What are you going to […]

The #1 Reason Why Trainers FAIL!

Let’s assume you are a great trainer. You are full of passion. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You study training, read the latest information, journals, blogs, books, watch DVD’s and do everything you can to get better. Heck, you may even attend 2-3 live conferences per year to keep your passion burning, your […]

Setting Your Business Up For Success

Setting Your Business Up For Success By: Lindsey Richardson, Director of Marketing, Fitness Quest 10 Opening a new business is one of the most exciting times. I like to look at it as a fresh start, new rules, new systems, new team, and the best part, you have the power to create whatever you want. […]

Are you TRULY listening?

Are you TRULY listening? By: Lindsey Richardson, Director of Marketing, Fitness Quest 10 I have been contemplating the art of truly listening lately. I used to consider myself a “good listener,” if I had a profile it would say “I love to listen.” But, here is the catch, I also love to talk. As technology […]

DO YOU FLIP? Fitness Quest 10 does…

Meet the Flip Video™ family. Camcorders small enough to fit in your pocket making it easy enough to take wherever you go. Life now has a play button. The Flip is a great piece of equipment,especially if you are in the fitness industry. Listen to Fitness Quest 10 personal trainers discuss the Flip. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHAaBX2cSDY] Check […]