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The #1 Reason Why Trainers FAIL!

Let’s assume you are a great trainer. You are full of passion. You are full of energy and enthusiasm. You study training, read the latest information, journals, blogs, books, watch DVD’s and do everything you can to get better. Heck, you may even attend 2-3 live conferences per year to keep your passion burning, your mind stimulated, and your energy ignited.

But you want more clients.
You want more money.
You want to reach more people.
You want to create more IMPACT.

The #1 reason why most trainers fail is not because they are bad trainers…

Or because they are not good with people (you do not need to be an extrovert to connect, motivate, and inspire people!).

Or because they don’t own their own business.

The #1 reason most trainers FAIL is because they don’t like to sell and they can’t sell. As a matter of fact, most trainers hate to sell. They despise it.

And without selling, you have no business. I always say, “No clients…no business.”

And you can say “TD, I let my results do the talking,” or “TD, word of mouth is my best marketing.”

And no doubt it is great marketing. But I know a lot of very good trainers who are practically starving, extremely frustrated, and are maxed out because they can’t take their results and success in the weight room, or from their Boot Camps, or from their small-group or large-group “team” training, and convert it into freedom. Time freedom and financial freedom.

So what’s the answer…

The Todd Durkin Fitness Business Success System. It’s my BEST program to date yet.

It’s instant leverage with what works NOW to create certainty in your business and life.

And despite creating 44 DVD’s over my career, doing approximately 40 live workshops/conferences per year, writing a book, and many other programs, this is undoubtedly my most intensive, comprehensive fitness-business building program to date.

Am I selling it to you? YES!

Because I 100%, wholeheartedly BELIEVE in it. I put my name and signature on it. I put your TRUST on it. And those are all BIG to me.

In this program, I address all my SYSTEMS on how to successfully market and SELL your training. Your program. And your brand or business. 

I provide my systems and presentations on leadership. There is great content from “in the trenches.” And I coach you on personal development as well. This is what no one else is teaching that is a key missing element. 

And ALL of those deal with SELLING. And ultimately help you with your success in business.

So whether you are a trainer in a studio, health club, YMCA, Cross-Fit, on a field, in a large chain box or gym, I know my program will help you with your business immediately.

And if you are director, leader, manager, or owner of one of the above, even more reason you NEED this information…NOW!

My friends, if you are good at something, don’t keep it a secret. Let the world know what YOU are an expert at and how you can help them.

And I would love the opportunity to help YOU. I look forward to seeing you on the “inside.”

Much love.


P.S. I am getting ready to coach and serve a select few trainers to amazing success in 2014. I will PERSONALLY be holding your hand through this entire process. And that coaching starts NEXT WEEK. Literally.

And I am so convinced that this program is going to help you, that you have a 100% money-back guarantee. The product/program will be available until Wednesday, December 18th and then I’m taking it down so I can start coaching my butt off. So hop in and let’s get the process started now.

For more info, check it out here!

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