5 Questions to Get Your Soul Singing!

I LOVE the mountains. They make my soul sing. I had the incredible opportunity to spend 4 days in gorgeous Whitefish, MT, last week for the culmination of my God-Sized Dreams program. This was a retreat for the people who completed the 90-day intensive program, and it was even more empowering and inspiring than I […]

What happens when the LIGHTS go out during your keynote?

I’m writing this email from a place I’ve been writing & thinking about regularly lately…35,000 feet on an airline heading back from the Bahamas.  Yes, I was over on a tough “tour of duty” in the Bahamas speaking for an incredible company called “Nassau Financial Group” (no relation to Nassau Bahamas; see below!). And during […]

Humble, Hungry, and Hustlin’ with Jimmy Mackey

Today’s episode is one of the most unique, touching, and motivational interviews with one amazing man. Jimmy Mackey is a coach, trainer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in the Bahamas and he’s overcome a ton of adversity in his life. Jimmy just expanded his MacFit360 brand and opened up his new state-of-the-art, world-class, 17,000 square foot […]