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Humble, Hungry, and Hustlin’ with Jimmy Mackey

Today’s episode is one of the most unique, touching, and motivational interviews with one amazing man. Jimmy Mackey is a coach, trainer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist based in the Bahamas and he’s overcome a ton of adversity in his life. Jimmy just expanded his MacFit360 brand and opened up his new state-of-the-art, world-class, 17,000 square foot training facility smack in the middle of the Nassau, Bahamas.

On today’s show, Jimmy discusses:

  • How growing up poor and even homeless at times created an unparalleled grit and work ethic in him.
  • How losing his father and brother at young ages deepened his faith, eventually helping him get through the tough times.
  • How to be led by your vision and ultimately manifest what you desire.
  • How he combines his love for training, photography, sport, and entrepreneurism on his social media to expand his brand. He also offers a few social media tips for someone starting out or looking to level-up their brand.
  • Why he started his Jimmy Mackey IMPACT Foundation and what it’s all about.

Folks, I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and I know you will feel Jimmy’s spirit permeate throughout the episode. His energy, resilience, grit, personality, and vision are reasons why I set the intention to have a retreat in the Bahamas in 2022. Who’s in?

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More on the episode:

:45 – Meet Jimmy Mackey
A native of the Bahamas

3:03  – 2020 International FitPro of the Year – Todd Durkin Mastermind
No matter where you come from or who you are, you can be a shining star.

5:10 – What is Macfit360?
The vision of now, 17,000 SF facility + 30,000 SF outdoors

9:05 – Having an investor and a client for seven years

13:46 – Being Homeless
Sleeping on a massage table and scraping pennies

17:38 – What Jimmy would say to his younger self
Be Patient. Show up and be prepared. Have grit. Go get it…Win. Continue to learn and be addicted to excellence.

25:13 – Growing up on an Island
Have respect for people. Work ethic.

29:55 – Mentors growing up after losing a father.
Coach Bill Oats was a significant influence in his life; he kept him together!

34:05 – Mission and Vision
Giving back to the Bahamas. Gear for youth athletes. Host clinics for youth. Foundation – The Jimmy Mackey IMPACT Foundation.
Jimmy Mackey IMPACT Foundation – @jimmymackeyfoundation

36:45 – Build the Best of the Best
Jimmy shares what he does on social media. See things through the eyes of the consumer and keep the message simple!

43:28 – Where is His Life Vision 3 Years From Now
New home, provide for my mom, and serve the community.

45:00 – Faith
How has faith played a role in Jimmy’s life.

47:25 – IMPACT and Legacy.
Always be around. My kids and wife are my legacy. IMPACT Culture and Business in my country.

51:00 – Retreat in the Bahamas
Looking forward to TDMM Retreat in early 2022 – Bahamas!

About Jimmy Mackey: 

Jimmy Mackey is a former Professional Basketball player and the Founder of MACFit360 in the Nassau, Bahamas. He is a NASM Master Trainer CES, PES, FNS, WLS, SFS, GFS, MMACS, WFS, YFS and is a certified personal trainer with both NASM and AFAA. Other certifications include SAQ, TRX STC/GSTC and TFW LEVEL 1/2 CERTIFIED. MACFit360 is a personal and small group training studio where Mackey trains clients in boot camps, personal sessions, or works with athletes for increased sports performance. You can follow him on Instagram @macfit360 or @jimmymackey1.

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FB – @macfit360

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