Clients In The Spotlight: Eden & Michael Sosa

We love to celebrate our clients at Fitness Quest 10. Check out the story of our clients Eden & Michael Sosa in our latest edition of clients in the spotlight. What is a quote you live by? Michael: “Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.” – Roger Crawford Eden: “Strong is the new skinny.” […]

Trading In The Holiday Sleep For Holiday Sweat

Can’t find enough time this holiday season to get a workout in?  Have you fallen off your regular program?  The holiday stress can make anyone fall off his or her regular workout routine.  It happens to everyone.  But that doesn’t mean we have to loose track of our health and fitness goals just because we […]

Health editor turned ‘Miss Fit:’ One and done? By: Jennifer Reed

Jennifer Reed, an editor from San Diego News Network took the MISS FIT boot camp challenge with Fitness Quest 10’s Anna Renderer.  She has been writing about her experience since day one . Below is her last and latest entry about her MISS FIT experience! ENJOY! Day eight: December 14, 2009 The end is here. […]