The Most Powerful Podcast EVER with Bedros Keuilian

This conversation might change your life. Literally. In one of my deepest, most real, raw, authentic, and powerful interviews to date, global iconic colleague and friend Bedros Keuilian reveals truths, wisdom, and facts about his life that are absolutely jaw-dropping. As a matter of fact, this episode alone may be one of the most wisdom-filled, […]

DON’T QUIT! with Living Legend Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfield

Buckle up for today’s show. I have fitness icon Jake “Body by Jake” Steinfeld, the father of personal training, with me on the show. While Jack LaLanne may be the godfather of fitness, Jake Steinfeld” is the man responsible for creating the personal training industry over 40 years ago.   In today’s episode, you will hear […]