Meet the 4 Doctors of Healthy Living

Who loves the idea of feeling even more positive, energized, vibrant, and healthy? Who loves the idea of NOT having the need to go see the doctor for a long time? Who likes getting kisses on your leg from an 11-lb terrier-chihuahua mutt while recording a podcast? Yep, all of this and more on today’s […]

My Top 10 Recovery Rules

Recovery Rules: TD Meditation

Recovery can change your life… I’d know because it changed mine.   After lying motionless on a football field in France, I was left with only one option: Embrace the recovery world. My time playing football ended with degenerative back disease, frightening disc issues, and a grueling treatment plan revolved around Vicodin and painkillers. In […]

Meg Kruse Interview with Todd Durkin– September 2013

Meg Kruse Interview with Todd Durkin– September 2013 Meg Kruse is a fitness trainer at Fitness Quest 10 and a figure competitor who just attained her PRO CARD by the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) at the North American Championships in Pittsburgh, PA, on August 31, 2013. Todd did an in-depth interview with her about […]

Twister… Industry Icon in the Fight of His Life

By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS I need to share a remarkable story of a fitness professional in the fight of his life. He is someone I have long admired. Someone I have shared the stage with many times. One of the best presenters I have ever heard. A wildly successful entrepreneur who has earned more […]

The Importance of Flexibility in Athletes

One of the aspects of training that often gets pushed to the wayside is flexibility.  When we are in a crunch for time, the first thing that gets removed from the workout is stretching.  Unfortunately, that is an important aspect!  Stretching improves and maintains range of motion, reduces stiffness in your joints, reduces soreness, reduces […]

The Power Of One

I was about 15 years old the first time I felt overweight. It seemed to sort have snuck up on me, all of a sudden my body had changed and I was horrified. I remember trying on a pair of pants and feeling frantic because I was supposed to go to a church event and […]

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is not Yoga and is not mainly Stretching! Many People are under the assumption that Pilates is mainly stretching. I hear it more often then not explained as and or compared to Yoga. Do not get me wrong, I think that Yoga is great and can be very beneficial, but Pilates and Yoga are […]

The Summer Sloth Syndrome

Brett Klika C.S.C.S. For many youngsters, summer is a time for “free time.”  No school, homework, or daily structure.  It’s truly time to “be a kid.”  Ah, the carefree days of being a kid… doing mom’s list of chores, playing every ball (real and made up) game with the neighbor kids, riding bikes, and getting […]

What Grade Fuel Do You Use?

“You can’t out-train a bad diet”. Without a doubt, it’s one of my all time favorite quotes. My clients hear it daily. I will not stop using it. It rings true and I need my clients to hear my voice in their head stating that phrase when they consider hitting up the fast food joint […]

Look Who’s Serious

Last month, I started a Get Serious Campaign when I realized that too many clients and friends talk about goals without taking action. I’m all about setting goals – even big, hairy, audacious goals – but a goal without action is like a boat without water. What’s the purpose? My friends, goals are meant to […]