My Fitness Journey: Jeff King

I am a trainer. I am a person who loves to workout and inspire people to reach their health and fitness goals. I am a person who is aware of what I eat and how it affects me. I am a father who wants to inspire my daughter to live a lifestyle where physical, mental, […]

DO YOU FLIP? Fitness Quest 10 does…

Meet the Flip Video™ family. Camcorders small enough to fit in your pocket making it easy enough to take wherever you go. Life now has a play button. The Flip is a great piece of equipment,especially if you are in the fitness industry. Listen to Fitness Quest 10 personal trainers discuss the Flip. [youtube=] Check […]

FQ10 Personal Trainers On San Diego News Network…

Fitness Quest 10’s personal trainers Anna Renderer, Jeff King, and Ryan Burgess team up with San Diego News Network (SDNN) to answer some of your every day nutrition and fitness questions. To see what these three amazing trainers have to say, Click Here

Healthy Tips By: Ryan Burgess

Fitness Quest 10’s very own Director of Football and Personal Trainer, Ryan Burgess answers everyday health questions from average Joes and Janes: Visit San Diego News Network  Health Tips Section to hear what he has to say: (Make sure to scroll down to the video section) Enjoy!

No Fear

It seems these days that “hope” is en vogue. I hear many people talking about how they “hope” to keep their job, “hope” to get more clients, “hope” the economy rebounds, or “hope” they’ll be in a better place in a year or two. Some of these people have crystal clear visions of what it […]