SHIFT Happens…My Top 7 Lessons from the SHIFT Retreat

I am still riding the high of my SHIFT RETREAT a couple of weeks ago. We had over 120-people live & in-person going nuts. Today, I want to share some of that energy with you as I reflect upon my Top 7 Lessons/takeaways from the Retreat. You’re going to “feel” me on this one, and […]

6 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

What wisdom or advice would you give to your “younger” self? I recently had the awesome opportunity to lead chapel to 800+ students and faculty at Christian HS (San Diego) and share my answers to this question. For the past 5+ years, I get the great opportunity to lead chapel 2x per year, share my […]

3 Strategic Decisions for Growing the Brand

I love the growth mindset & the perpetual desire to get better. Today’s episode is one where you are literally stepping into a meeting at the TDE Headquarters discussing 3 “big” potential marketing & brand-enhancement strategies. You will be like a fly on the wall as we make some “big” decisions to proliferate even more […]

Melanie Rogers on Super Soul Your Nutrition

It’s August, and it’s time to amp up your nutrition, energy, and vitality. And if there is an episode to do exactly that, it’s this one! My guest on today’s IMPACT SHOW is someone I’ve known for more than a decade and is a wealth of information on nutrition and holistic health. Melanie Rogers has […]

“In The Hot Seat” with Todd Durkin

What is your superpower? How have you built and successfully maintained your businesses over 15+ years? Hindsight being 20/20, what is the one risk or decision that you regret not taking? These are the types of questions that Frank Pucher, Director of the Todd Durkin Mastermind, asked me during this episode of the IMPACT Show […]

The 4 W’s to a Great Day

Mastermind Blog of the Month By “Coach Josef” Serfaty How do you seize the day? Do you roll out of bed, begrudgingly, and shuffle through your day? Perhaps, you simply plow through the task list, then crash into bed at the end of the day, only to feel like you didn’t accomplish anything. Or you […]

Did the Pandemic Set You Free?

Travis is Different

Featured Mastermind Blog of the Monthby Travis Barnes, Founder & CEO, Journey 333 Fitness Franchise Todd Durkin recently shared a quote that said, “What if you haven’t met you yet?” Great quote and a challenging question for us all. I’ll say that the pandemic set me free because it introduced me to me. It was March of […]

Show Up Hard…Lessons on Parenting, Life, & Business with Trina Gray

I am so fired up to have one of my best friends, Trina Gray, on the show today, who just happens to be one of the most driven & successful entrepreneurs I know. She’s also one of the best parents, coaches, and life-transformers I know as well. Trina and I go way back to when […]

Rebuilding From The Inside Out

Man, oh man, I’m feeling super-energized today after just wrapping up my 2nd LIVE Mastermind retreat here at the new TDE Headquarters. We had 32 fire-breathing dragons in the room going deep in business, self, and life! Today, I want to share 3 of my top points/takeaways from the Retreat and a special bonus for […]

Fitness Business Growth Secrets with Three Incredible Mastermind Teammates

We are in hyper-growth mode these days, and I hope you are as well. I’m back at the TDE Headquarters with three more of my super-incredible Mastermind members, Chris Foote (Coronado Fitness in Coronado, California), Kelli Piggee (3D-Fitness in Kennewick, Washington), and Megan Richey (Manthey Momentum Sports Performance Training in Ferndale, Washington). We talk about […]