What if you lost 10-years of your Life?

What if you “lost” 10-years of your life? Literally. What would you do? Maybe you were sick.Maybe you were broken.Maybe you had an addiction.Maybe you were incarcerated.Maybe it was all of it. Meet Travis and Cyndy Barnes. They are the proud owners of a fitness franchise called “Journey 333.” They are impacting thousands of lives […]

Prison, Pushups, & PURPOSE | The Story of Travis Barnes

Travis is Different

You have heard me say “Live a Life Worth Telling a Story About” a thousand times. Today, you will hear me talk with Travis Barnes, who has one heckuva story. Travis grew up in a broken home, was incarcerated at the age of 18 for a decade, and lived in a FEMA trailer when he […]

Be Different…

Travis is Different

Be Different… Good morning. I’m fresh off my 10th Annual Mastermind Retreat in Coronado over the weekend. Let me just say it was absolutely epic. It was full of people who were “different”… We had over 100 people in for a deep-dive into business and personal growth. It was certainly full of WOW!!! One of […]