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What if you lost 10-years of your Life?

What if you “lost” 10-years of your life?

Literally. What would you do?

Maybe you were sick.
Maybe you were broken.
Maybe you had an addiction.
Maybe you were incarcerated.
Maybe it was all of it.

Meet Travis and Cyndy Barnes. They are the proud owners of a fitness franchise called “Journey 333.” They are impacting thousands of lives in multiple locations these days.

But they have OVERCOME a ton.

Travis was addicted to drugs when he was in his 20s.
He spent 10-years in prison.
And he fathered a child while in prison.

Today, he and his wife Cyndy (married 22-years) share their lessons, tribulations, wisdom, and thoughts on their “Journey” on a must-listen episode of the “Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW” podcast.

On today’s podcast, Travis and Cyndy share the obstacles surrounding drug addiction, a 10-year prison sentence, life reestablishment, health issues, and now a daughter who is incarcerated and pregnant as well.

You will also learn how Travis and Cyndy have managed to survive it all because of their love for each other, faith in God, hard work, and desire to overcome it all. They are living proof that love can conquer all.

This episode has it ALL when you talk about vulnerability, authenticity, resilience, faith, and IMPACT. It is raw and full of insight, for adults and kids, about the influence of your surroundings, anxiety, stress, and fighting to find yourself and your identity.

If you’re a parent, please listen to this episode and share it with your kids. It’s that IMPACTFUL.

Time is the MOST important thing we all have. And we don’t want to “LOSE” any of it.

I’ve often thought that Travis and Cyndy have a different perspectives of time because of the 10-years he spent “away in the gated community.”

It does not require getting “lost” for a year or two or a decade to appreciate TIME. Sometimes it just takes a gentle reminder, a nudge, or a great story to remind you how fragile time is. I believe this story and today’s episode will do exactly that.

Enjoy your day, soak up every single thing that you GET TO DO today, and make sure you tell those special people in your life just how much you love them or what they mean to you.

Much love… and lots of IMPACT!


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