Servant-Leadership For Female Youth

By: Chelsea Ellwood, BS Applied Exercise Science Hello Parents, Let me start by saying how fortunate I am that the youth female athletes I train, typically make up the most responsible and high-achieving percentage of their population.  The attitudes of these young women not only make coaching relatively easy, but also allow me to learn […]

The Summer Sloth Syndrome

Brett Klika C.S.C.S. For many youngsters, summer is a time for “free time.”  No school, homework, or daily structure.  It’s truly time to “be a kid.”  Ah, the carefree days of being a kid… doing mom’s list of chores, playing every ball (real and made up) game with the neighbor kids, riding bikes, and getting […]

Training Children Should Be Fun! Part 2: Taking Ownership

In part one, I highlighted the importance of setting the tone for fun, maintaining a quick-paced session, and delivering fitness goals in the context of games. In part two, I will talk about the importance of children taking ownership of the session and feeling like they are responsible for their own success. If a child […]

Training Children Should Be Fun!! Part 1: Games

Training children between the ages of 6 to 10 can be challenging. Sessions have to be fun and children need to be empowered to take ownership. They need achievable goals and they must learn the purpose behind each exercise they do. With this formula they will enjoy the workouts, learn the benefits of what they […]

The S’s Of Success Training Youth

By Jeff King, C.S.C.S., Fitness Quest 10 Being a member of training staff at Fitness Quest 10 I sit back and ponder what makes our athletic programs unique and stand out from others around the country? I began to think about my own training philosophy towards young kids and what I try to implement with […]

The Lighthouses of Training Youth

A navy battleship was in stormy waters when they spotted the light of what appeared to be another vessel in the distance.  The ship’s captain made radio contact with orders for the other vessel to change their course.  “Negative” was the reply.  “We recommend you change your course 15 degrees south to avoid a collision.”  […]

Caffeine and Kids… The Ultimate Gateway Drug

Hey kids, say NO to drugs! Unless, or course, that drug comes in a brightly colored can that can be legally purchased at every store in the nation.  In that case, about 75% of our youth age 5-12 years old are saying “yes” to the most widely used stimulant in the world, caffeine. While moderate […]

Mass Building During Off-season Training, Females Not Exempt

When it comes down to becoming a stronger athlete, nutrition plays a primary role.  In order for our tissues to move heavier loads they must get larger.  In order for this appreciable gain in size to occur, our tissues must get in enough calories to provide for our daily training, practice, and other life demands.   […]

Overuse Injuries —The Rising Epidemic of Child Sacrifice in Youth Sports

Paul Stricker, MD Youth Sports Medicine Specialist & Olympic Physician Scripps Clinic San Diego, CA In our “Super-Sized” society, more is always better—so it seems.  In youth sports, however, more is not always better, and in fact, can be harmful.  Almost 40 million youth are involved in sporting activities, and of those, it is estimated […]

Proper Nutrition Advice For Athletes

This month, I had the opportunity to answer some athlete training and nutrition questions from Craig Lane at Boise State University.  As coaches, teachers, and parents, we are often faced with many nutrition issues with our young athletes.  For the record, my nutritional advice is based on research, experience, and practical knowledge that comes from […]