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Why I Do What I Do & Comfort in the Quiet

I love coaching people. ALL people. Today’s episode is part 2 of “Q&A” from a young man searching for his purpose and calling in life. Connor Darnbrough is not afraid of hard work and shares his struggles to find time for himself. Today, he asks me a few great questions dealing with why I do what I do and finding the time to myself in the quiet.

In the episode, I share my divine purpose to serve humanity, the shift after my dad passed away, and the power of quiet and prayer time. I also encourage you to go back and listen to part 1, “The Myth About Balance & My Biggest Setback,” episode 159 with Connor if you haven’t already done so.

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More on the episode:

1:38 – Why I do what I do.
Coaching and helping people is part of my DNA. Not driven by money, follow my heart. The divine purpose of serving humanity. 

7:44 – The Shift
After my dad passed was a time for self-exploration.

10:00 – Prayer and Faith.
Devotional and Proverbs. Quiet time. Relationship with God.

15:15 – Finding time for myself.
Extreme personal care

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