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By Todd Durkin, MA, C.S.C.S.

I almost came out of my seat laughing when she said it. It’s so true. The #1 reason people don’t get stuff done is because of something we lack. It’s the thing most people need but don’t have. It’s what high-performers cling to as their secret sauce to accomplishing extraordinary results.

She said it… not me.

She said “WHAT THE…FOCUS” is going on around here.

And the room of 62 fitness professionals just erupted in laughter. And nodded their head in agreement.

I just wrapped up my 6th annual Mastermind Retreat at the incredible venue of the Hilton Torrey Pines in beautiful La Jolla, CA, and I humbly state it was the most IMPACTFUL one yet. We had 8 TED Talks (on topics such as blogging, the 30-minute fitness model, the website hot seat, developing passive revenue, creating and growing a list, affiliate marketing, and building a world class team), and I did longer sessions on “The Art of a Great Presentation” and “Creating WOW in your Business.”

But it was the “Time Management Essentials” session by Trina Gray (Owner of Bay Athletic Club in Alpena, Michigan), who delivered her version of the “Secret Sauce of High Performers,” that rocked the house. I have seen Trina present dozens of times in multiple venues (IDEA, IHRSA, my 3.5-Day Mentorships, and past retreats). But this one was different. This one was special. It really resonated with me.

I think there are several reasons WHY this talk was so amazing. A big part is because Trina is a polished, dynamic, experienced speaker. Part of it was the WOW content she delivered. And part of it was the actual topic itself.

  • Who doesn’t need MORE tips on becoming a more effective time-manager?
  • Who doesn’t want to see what the top 1% of the world’s high-performers do to create amazing results in their business and personal lives?
  • Who doesn’t love having a blueprint of how you could potentially create more time freedom and money freedom in your life by adhering to a few simple, yet disciplined strategies?
  • Who doesn’t love learning new systems to help manage ENERGY more efficiently?

Most of us are searching for improved time management. Improved results. Improved efficiency. Peak productivity.

And everyone is busy. Everyone is running around a mile a minute. But let’s not mistake busy for success.

Here are a few of the nuggets Trina Gray dropped on the 124 listening ears:

1. We are addicted to busy. Busy is a false sense of significance. You can’t mistake busy for results, achievement, or productivity. Are you being busy on the right things?

2. Be great at 6 things. You can’t be great at everything. And if you do too much, you will be a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. So eliminate the things in your life that distract you from where you want to go. TV, addiction to social media, your phone (wow!), emails, the number of commitments you have in life, etc. Choose the 6 things MOST important to you in life and be great at them. (i.e. being a parent, business owner, presenter, coach, etc.). What are the 6 things in your life.

3. Just say NO. By saying NO to things you don’t want or need to do, you are saying YES to those you most want and need. What can you eliminate that is currently robbing you of time?

4. The things that matter LEAST should not get in the way of what matters most. Amen. What matters least in your life right now that takes so much time? Name it and eliminate it.

5. The key to going faster is slowing down. Breathe. Think. Simplify. Don’t make rash decisions. Take time to reflect. Set goals. Read your goals. And then be savagely focused on doing what you need to attain your goals. What are your goals for the next 90 days?

6. The secret sauce is your daily routine. What is your daily routine? What are your best practices? Are you exercising? What are you eating? What are you reading? Who are your surrounding yourself with and spending time with? If you want to be super-successful, you need to be disciplined about your daily habits and routines. How can you improve your daily routine?

I’m only going to share 6 of the many nuggets Trina shared. After all, that’s all we can be GREAT at, right?

When Trina said, “WHAT THE… FOCUS,” that’s no joke. She credited many of her latest time-effectiveness tips from Darren Hardy and from the Franklin-Covey System for time management. And they were priceless.

Focus is the key to success. Avoid distractions. Eliminate what and who you can from your schedule. Do NOT allow yourself to be controlled by your phone. Or by texts. Or by emails. Or by any agenda other than your own.

Run life on your terms. Your goals. Your parameters.

High-performers will take action on these lessons and produce extraordinary results. They will have the discipline to do the little things that no one else likes to do.

But, there will be many more who don’t CHOOSE to take ACTION on these items and don’t have the supreme discipline to do what it takes.

Unfortunately, they will be the ones standing around at the end saying, “WTF?”!!!!

Which one will you CHOOSE to be?

Peace and love,


Todd Durkin is an internationally-recognized performance trainer, speaker, and author. He was recently recognized as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness in 2012.” You can follow him on Twitter @ToddDurkin, FB LIKE page at ToddDurkinFQ10, or sign up for his newsletter at He also conducts his own Mastermind Program and Mentorship programs. His next 3.5 Day Mentorship program is October 10th-13th and registration is now open. You can email him at for more information or email him at

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