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Follow Your Dreams…and Make History Forever!

This is a story that’s going to give you goosebumps. And it’s a real-life story of someone I train.

I’ve been training a young professional baseball player now for about 7-years named Daniel Camarena.

“DC” is a left-handed pitcher who has spent 10-seasons in the minor leagues. Yes, 10 seasons!!!

Trying to live the dream to get to “The Show.”
To get a taste of the Bigs.
To make his mark for what he’s been dreaming of since he’s been a little kid.

Well, Daniel finally got the call up on Thursday by our hometown San Diego Padres and little did anyone know what a magical night it would become.

With the Padres down 8-2 in the 4th inning, manager Jayce Tingler decided to let his pitcher, Daniel Camarena, hit against Max Scherzer of the Nationals, instead of using a pinch-hitter with bases-loaded and two-outs.

The future Hall-of-Famer Scherzer even had 2-strikes on “DC.”

And can you guess what happened next?

In his first-ever at bat in a Major League Baseball game, the 28-year-old Daniel “DC” Camarena hit a Grand-Slam over the right-field fence that covered 407-feet.

The crowd of about 40,000 people went nuts.

Daniel’s family was going bananas in the stands. And “DC” just trotted around the bases after doing something that has not been done since 1898 (123-years) when a pitcher making his first MLB at-bat hit a Grand-Slam (Phillies Bill Buggleby).

When he crossed the plate, he signed the cross and pointed up to his father Luis in heaven, who tragically passed in 2019.
He then had Manny Machado put the symbolic “Slam Diego” chain around his neck.
It was deemed “SLAMARENA” on Thursday night.

My friend, Daniel epitomizes a “MIND-RIGHT MANIAC.”

10-years of grinding in the minors with just a dream to someday make it.
Countless grueling workouts and sessions to hopefully someday get a shot.
Small paychecks. Long bus-rides. Sometimes very few fans. And little limelight.

But tons of grind. Resilience. Belief….and a DREAM!

And then…YOU GET THE CALL-UP. Opportunity presents itself.

And what do you do?

You hit a Grand-Slam, help the team come back and win a thriller 9-8, and become entrenched in history forever.

It only took 10-years to become an overnight success.

And it was all worth it.

Be ready for YOUR chance. Keep working. Keep believing. Keep dreaming. And when your shot comes (even if you are down to your LAST strike), swing for the fences.

I believe in you and know that when you follow your dreams and work your butt off, GREAT things ultimately happen.

Much love…and the tip of my cap today to all of you who still have a dream and yearn to fulfill it.


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