Are You Willing

Matt Brown, Fitness Quest 10 Trainer You are trying your best to achieve your goal. However progress is eluding you. The harder you try the further you get from your health improving, your muscle increasing, and you achieving your long desired physique change. Perhaps you stumbled once in your thought that you had come across […]

A Typical Day Interning at Fitness Quest 10

By: Intern Charleston             Today we started with Quest 10 kids in the lower facility. These kids are a lot of fun and they are definitely a good group of kids that need to be encouraged and supported.  Coach Jeff King does an excellent job with this camp by giving the kids something to be […]

Youth and Calisthenics Part II

In Part I, I had mentioned our youth’s maximizing their body-weight calisthenics for athletic development.  What exactly are calisthenics? Interestingly enough, calisthenics comes from the Greek, kallos meaning‘beauty’ and  sthenos meaning ‘strength’.  Looking at the basic definition of calisthenics it means gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement.  I found this definition […]

Mass Building During Off-season Training, Females Not Exempt

When it comes down to becoming a stronger athlete, nutrition plays a primary role.  In order for our tissues to move heavier loads they must get larger.  In order for this appreciable gain in size to occur, our tissues must get in enough calories to provide for our daily training, practice, and other life demands.   […]

Youth Kids and The Transformation Into An Athlete

It is my understanding that most youth are driven by what somebody tells them to do, i.e. their coach, parent, or teacher. This is understandable because youth can be socially and physically immature. However, it is also my understanding the advice that some, if not most coaches are telling their youths regarding physical development is […]