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Are You Willing

Matt Brown, Fitness Quest 10 Trainer

You are trying your best to achieve your goal. However progress is eluding you. The harder you try the further you get from your health improving, your muscle increasing, and you achieving your long desired physique change. Perhaps you stumbled once in your thought that you had come across the hard truth, the hard truth being you are not getting anywhere. Something needs to change. Madness, vanity, and stress your body cries for more and more. Your soul within you tells you a peaceful yet heart wrenching answer, “Stop grasping at the wind”.

I have a desire in my heart to get the truth to people, clients, family, whomever has a question on their mind regarding health. I try to give them the best answer as possible, but to be honest it typically goes through both ears of the hearer. Not because they do not want to hear or have some air of ignornance within themselves, but rather accepting the reality that change involves a sincere discipline and the genetic makeup to be encouraged to follow through on that. Hard work and eating well everyday is not easy at all. Let me be more specific about hard work. Hard work does not mean circuit training, or breathing hard, or throwing up, but rather the knowledge that you are on a daily mission to understand what is best for your body.

Truth of the matter is every single one of you need to train differently, eat differently, supplement differently, time carbohydrates in a cyclical fashion, even train body parts in a different fashion.

Confused yet? Good. You may not understand this quite yet, but your confusion and lack of an answer of why you aren’t changing physically or mentally should be the answer in and of itself.

Understanding your body will take a lifetime.

Let me reiterate this point, understanding what works for your body will take a long time.    Now couple that with social events, lack of food preparation, the glass of wine you think won’t hurt and there’s a recipe for not understanding your body’s optimal physiological functioning. i.e. you never progress, you imagine you do but you’re not, and you know it.

Some of the major “risk” factors I see amidst clients, friends, and even colleagues is a willingness to be swade by their own mislead philosophical reasoning. We need to be actively educating ourselves. Every person should start to have resources available that doesn’t necessarily give them answers, but rather has them asking the right questions.

Ask the right questions, and you will get the answers you need to succeed.

Once you have the answers you MUST apply them relentlessly.

Here are some of the MAJOR obstacles I see facing people today. And no one is exempt from these, including myself.

1)  Stress

2)  Blood Sugar Dysregulation

3)  Food Allergies

4)  Working out just to work out.

So what about stress?

Sooo what about blood sugar problems?

And what about food allergies that affect my excess water weight and have me bloated all the time?


You are starting to ask the right questions.

Now, find what needs change.

Too many people want to be handed fish without learning how to become fisherman.

Truth of the matter is you can simply pay a personal trainer for a social meeting with sweat involved, that’s fine.  I know I am not alone in hoping that people would expect more of themselves and me than just that.  In fact nothing is more dishearting to me than having a client walking away with solely a workout. I didn’t do my job, neither did they.

My job is really lifestyle change. Now how long do you think that would take?

Certainly longer than anyone can hold your hand.


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