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Ep. 65 Shownotes: Coffee Talk With Momma Durkin

Momma Durkin is one of the most LOVING people you will ever meet. She’s 86-years old and is a pure spit-fire of energy who will make you laugh, smile and feel lots of love. Mom raised 8-kids in a single-parent home in Brick, NJ, and worked 2-jobs to make ends meet and put food on the table. I’ll be forever grateful for the sacrifices Mom made to make our home the most loving and compassionate place possible. It also still fuels me today on every level. 

I had the opportunity recently to be down in Orlando, FL, and spend an entire day with the most loving woman on the planet. When I asked her to record a podcast, she replied, “What’s a podcast?” 

Folks, you are in for a special treat today as Momma Durkin knocked it out of the park and you are absolutely going to laugh, smile and get a chance to see the LOVE that my Mom epitomizes.

You will also better understand where I come from and what makes me tick by listening to today’s episode.

Let’s go down to Orlando now and hear this once-in-a-lifetime interview with my beautiful Mom, Mary “Muffy” Durkin. Please light up the social media LOVE after you listen to the episode and give Muffy Durkin a shout-out. 

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1:20- Rapid Fire Questions For Muffy Durkin

1:45- A Secret About Something Muffy Does… That We Should All Do. 🙂

3:40- A Favorite Memory While Raising 8 Kids (You Read That Right!)

5:45- Muffy’s New Hobby- That Gets Her Mind RIGHT!

8:23- The Hardest Part of Being A Single Parent

9:34- How Muffy Made Ends Meet As A Single Parent With 8 Kids

11:15- Highlights of Motherhood

13:22- Mom’s Big Investment: TIME With The Family

14:48- The Day Mom Broke A Wooden Spoon Over My Butt…

15:39- Stitches First… Then Grocery Shopping.

17:40- How To Keep Yourself Healthy Through Stressful Times

18:45- Mom’s Most Impactful Time Of Adversity in 80 Years

20:22- Muffy’s Mindset To Get Through Challenging Times

21:50- The Power Of Family To Keep You Going

22:17- What My Mom Is Most Proud Of After 80 Years

23:00- Advice To The 13 Grandchildren

24:07- A Thank You To My Mom and The Legacy of Love She Will Leave

THANK YOU, Muffy for being a guest on the IMPACT podcast!


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