TD Book Bundle

Take your life to the next level by reading all three of Todd’s books with The IMPACT Body Plan focused on the body, The WOW Book on your spirit, and Get Your Mind Right focused on getting your mind right everyday!

The IMPACT Body Plan is the GAME-CHANGING fitness program that will change your life!  No matter your fitness level this program is for you.  Superstar trainer Todd Durkin is now sharing his revolutionary program to help transform your body into a lean, strong, athletic machine.  With the IMPACT Body Plan, you too can train like a pro athlete!

Train with the IMPACT Body Plan and break through the barriers of one-dimensional cardio and weight training and instead use innovative training methods that will help you achieve total body fitness.

The IMPACT Body Plan Workouts will take 45-60 minutes.  Pressed for time? On the go? Todd offers several 10-20 minute body blasting workouts to keep you on track.


In The WOW Book, Todd shares 52 stories, each with a particular theme, like gratitude, hustle, recharge, and habits, to motivate you to get your mind right, discover your life’s purpose, and live with conviction. Create WOW in your life NOW by embarking on this journey of daily growth with Todd Durkin, your personal WOW coach.

Are you looking for more motivation and inspiration in your life? Are you looking for that daily nudge or push to inspire you to reach your full potential – and get 1% better every day? Do you seek consistent, daily growth in your body, mind, and spirit? If so, this book will motivate your mind, inspire your heart, and empower your life like never before.


Get Your Mind Right: 10 Keys to Unlock Your Potential and Ignite Your Success (Baker Books, June 2020) targets the biggest thing holding people back from attaining their wildest dreams and the life they desire: themselves! This book is guaranteed to ignite people with more energy, passion, and fire! It teaches readers how to overcome the abyss of darkness and get lit up with motivation and inspiration, especially now with all going on in the world. Now is the time to amp it up. No more excuses. No more putting life on hold. It’s time for people to take control of their mindset and take their “game” to another level. Durkin motivates readers to work hard, grow in their faith, think like champions, and be the very best version of themselves through his top ten principles, including:

  • Dream big—and attack fears!
  • Life requires overcoming obstacles, challenges, and tough times. NOW is that time!
  • Thoughts determine legacy. #GetYourMindRight
  • Habits will make or break you.
  • Train to win. Period.
  • Eat right to get your mind right and perform your best.
  • Recovery brings maximum energy, vitality, vibrance, and performance.
  • Be a master of your time, energy, and focus through effective exercises and systems.
  • Tap into whispers—what is God revealing right now is a very critical juncture of your life?
  • Live a life worth telling a story about—what is that story?

Todd Durkin is used to pushing high-profile, high-performance athletes to their physical limit. But that’s only half the battle. A crucial aspect of creating any kind of success and ultimately significance—whether in business, sports, health, relationships, or life—is having the right mindset. Greatness is inside of everyone.

This book is going to make readers laugh, think, and most importantly, take action. It is designed to help readers bring out their best self that will help them prosper in all areas of life. It can help anyone develop specific habits and the mindset necessary to live their best life every single day.

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