Dynamic Duo—Building Your Online Vision

Back in the house by popular demand, I have superstar trainer and online personality Anna Renderer LaFata joined by her husband and business partner Vito La Fata. These two are magic and bring the heat and vision to building an online brand. They lead the way in helping people transform their expertise into an online […]

FQ10 Trainer to PopSugar Fitness Host to Online Visionary

In 2005, I hired a green trainer who had just moved from Boston to Cali. She grew quickly and blossomed into one of my best trainers at Fitness Quest 10. She starred in a bunch of my DVD’s (yes!), she taught boot camp, and she had an incredible following. After 6-years at FQ10, Anna went […]

How to get Faster and Stronger …

The TD Performance series provides the latest, cutting-edge techniques, drills, and exercises. Todd will provide the necessary building blocks it takes for athletes to maximize their potential . In this TD Performance DVD series, Todd Durkin reveals the techniques and system that have helped thousands of athletes of all ages reach the next level. The […]

Fitness Quest 10 News Special Report on MISS FIT BOOT CAMP!

This is an oldie but a goodie… Fitness Quest 10 field reporter and personal trainer, Anna Renderer, does a special report on Scripps Ranch Miss Fit Woman’s Boot Camp. Tune in and get the latest fitness news from around San Diego. http://www.Fitnessquest10.com [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxhGExzHw14]

DO YOU FLIP? Fitness Quest 10 does…

Meet the Flip Video™ family. Camcorders small enough to fit in your pocket making it easy enough to take wherever you go. Life now has a play button. The Flip is a great piece of equipment,especially if you are in the fitness industry. Listen to Fitness Quest 10 personal trainers discuss the Flip. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHAaBX2cSDY] Check […]

FQ10 Personal Trainers On San Diego News Network…

Fitness Quest 10’s personal trainers Anna Renderer, Jeff King, and Ryan Burgess team up with San Diego News Network (SDNN) to answer some of your every day nutrition and fitness questions. To see what these three amazing trainers have to say, Click Here

Health editor turned ‘Miss Fit:’ One and done? By: Jennifer Reed

Jennifer Reed, an editor from San Diego News Network took the MISS FIT boot camp challenge with Fitness Quest 10’s Anna Renderer.  She has been writing about her experience since day one . Below is her last and latest entry about her MISS FIT experience! ENJOY! Day eight: December 14, 2009 The end is here. […]

Health Editor Turned ‘Miss Fit’ by Jennifer Reed, SDNN

SDNNs health and wellness editor, Jennifer Reed, is on a journey toward a better body.he next month, she will join Fitness Quest 10 trainer Anna Renderer and a group of “Miss Fit’s” in a women’s boot camp program, journaling her success along the way. Four weeks. Three days a week. Bright and early. SDNN’s health […]