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Dynamic Duo—Building Your Online Vision

Back in the house by popular demand, I have superstar trainer and online personality Anna Renderer LaFata joined by her husband and business partner Vito La Fata. These two are magic and bring the heat and vision to building an online brand. They lead the way in helping people transform their expertise into an online business and personal brand. This is an action-packed episode guaranteed to teach, inform, and inspire you no matter what business you are in.

In today’s episode, you will learn:

  1. Biggest mistakes with getting online.
  2. The most important thing to be successful online.
  3. How important social media is in building an online brand.
  4. Using ads online and are they expensive?
  5. Tips to use YouTube and Instagram together to grow your online business.
  6. Best tips for picking your target market.
  7. Pricing your service online in today’s competitive world.

There is tremendous value in this episode for anyone looking to amplify their personal or corporate brand and who wants to create more impact. I also went “LIVE” on Instagram & Facebook and took questions live from the audience which added an entirely new fun dimension to today’s show. At the end of the episode, Vito and Anna have a special offer just for our IMPACT Show guests for an exclusive opportunity to join Vito, his wife, and business partner Anna Renderer, and yours truly on a live call this Saturday.

Enjoy the show, and please share your ONE takeaway over on your social media.

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More on the episode:

1:02 – The Biggest Mistakes People Are Making Online
Anna and Vito share the biggest mistakes people make when getting into the online world.

8:40 – Be Successful Online
Anna and Vito talk about the most important thing you can do to be successful online.

12:35 – The Importance of Social Media
How important is it in the overall building of an online brand?

17:07 – Using Ads Online… Here is What You Must Do
What works and are they expensive?

24:00 – Questions from our fans listening in LIVE 
How to Stump Anna & Vito with 4 great questions.

  1. What are some questions you ask yourself before making big decisions in your business? – Mika Pauline
  2. Tips to use YOUTUBE and IG together? – Mymotovatiointees – Mark Hill
  3. What are your best tips for picking your target audience? – Grow within
  4. How to price your service in today’s world? – Renadapacheccapp

38:10 – Final words from Anna and Vito.

43:14 – A Special Gift
Anna and Vito with a special gift! You’re not gonna want to miss this FREE workshop offer this weekend!

Special Gift→

FREE ‘GET ONLINE’ WORKSHOP This Saturday, Sept 26th! 

I invite you to join Anna, Vito, and myself for a special 1-Day Virtual Workshop. If you’re truly serious about building an online business (not just an online service or one on one coaching), then you don’t want to miss out on this deep dive training led by Vito, Anna, and myself as a special guest!

The Free 4 Hour workshop will be hosted inside their Online Business Success Secrets Group, Saturday, Sept 26th. Request to be added here and join us LIVE to get your questions answered and have a chance to win prizes! 

Let them know TD sent you 🙂

About Vito and Anna:

Vito and Anna La Fata mentor experts, coaches, and service providers on how to transform their expertise into an automated signature system, coaching program, online courses, and personal brand. They believe your online business should be structured to be a vehicle of independence (not a job) so you can achieve personal independence from the business and create time, location, and financial freedom in your life.

As internationally recognized speakers and writers, they have contributed to IDEA WORLD, IDEA PTI, IHRSA, MindBody BOLD, PopSugar Fitness, Australian Fitness Health Expo, Canfitpro. They are the co-founders of The Visionary Planner and Creators of Vision In the Vineyard.,

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