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FQ10 Trainer to PopSugar Fitness Host to Online Visionary

In 2005, I hired a green trainer who had just moved from Boston to Cali. She grew quickly and blossomed into one of my best trainers at Fitness Quest 10. She starred in a bunch of my DVD’s (yes!), she taught boot camp, and she had an incredible following. After 6-years at FQ10, Anna went on to host PopSugar Fitness for many years before starting her “Visionary Planner” business with her husband Vito LaFata.

In today’s episode, you will hear Anna’s top lessons from being a trainer at Fitness Quest 10, tips to building an online business, tips to being good on camera, and she shares her journey from going from a fitness pro to helping people unpack their expertise and discover their full vision & purpose. Anna also shares how she is able to be a mom and entrepreneur at the same time and be successful in both. She and her husband Vito have truly built their dream business and it all takes place on their vineyard in Temecula.

This episode is a fun one. It’s full of wisdom, nostalgia, and insights on how to grow your online business. And it’s full of how to discover your vision and then potentiate it. 

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More on the episode:

1:09 – Meet Anna Renderer La Fata; one of my best ever hires 

4:01 – Anna shares her hunger for growth and building her dream

7:15 – The need to provide for my family 

9:32 – Vision for Life

11:15 – Boston to San Diego with no job

16:03 – Become an excellent trainer and stretch to get better

22:50 – Pop Sugar…What’s next?

28:40 – Build a Visionary Life

37:25 – Are you ready for the camera?

43:06 –  Mindset tips for building an online business – mentors give you perspective

47:08  – Sharing a business with your husband

53:05 – What’s next for Anna?

About Anna Renderer La Fata:

Anna Renderer La Fata, is an entrepreneur, high performance and brand building coach, but prides herself on doing this as a mom, wife! She’s best known for her role as the Host of POPSUGAR Fitness. Anna’s built multiple online brands, including a women’s lifestyle brand, “Sexy Confident Life” and a business retreat brand with her husband Vito called “Vision In The Vineyards”. Anna loves coaching experts and influencers on how to take the fastest path to building a visionary brand and business using their Visionary Planner System. 

Follow  Anna: IG: @annarenderer, websites:, and

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