Mind Your Manners… FQ10’s Rules of World-Class Gym Etiquette

Mind Your Manners… FQ10’s Rules of World-Class Gym Etiquette. By Todd Durki, MA. C.S.C.S. The gym is your sanctuary. It’s where you honor your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a safe-haven where you work to improve yourself personally (and sometimes professionally). Maybe you do weight-training. Or cardio. Or classes. Or yoga. Or Pilates. Or maybe […]

Mastermind Member In The Spotlight: Mike Ibasco

Mike Ibasco is a five-year Todd Durkin Mastermind Platinum member and standout teammate.  He is the owner/operator of The Fitness Source, seven years and running, the premier personal training, weight loss, sports performance and triathlon studio in Las Vegas, NV. Mike leads a TEAM of 5 fitness professionals in a total body wellness approach to […]

How to Feed your Pet Human

How to Feed your Pet Human By Craig Valency, CSCS I didn’t have any exotic pets growing up, but a few of my friends had snakes, turtles, lizards, and other critters my mother was not very fond of. What I most remember are the feedings. The toads always needed a good supply of crickets, supplemented […]

IMPACT Question Corner- April

Q.  How often should a person typically exercise?  Realistically speaking once they’ve reached their fitness goal. ie overall cardiovascular health/ weight management. TD Answer: Let me give you a good, better, best scenario based on your current starting level. A “good” recommendation is 3 times per week for at least 20 minutes.  This is going […]