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IMPACT Question Corner- April

Q.  How often should a person typically exercise?  Realistically speaking once they’ve reached their fitness goal. ie overall cardiovascular health/ weight management.

TD Answer: Let me give you a good, better, best scenario based on your current starting level.

A “good” recommendation is 3 times per week for at least 20 minutes.  This is going to get you “jump-started” and allow you to start to boost energy, burn stress, and just feel better.  I’d focus on making these 20 minutes as “intense” as you can, since you are only exercising 20 minutes.  Get in 2-3 different total body strength circuits (lower body, push, pull) with each workout session.  And then get in some cardio with whatever remaining time you have left.

A “better” recommendation is 4 times per week for 30-45 minutes.  Here you are getting in 2-3 total body strength training circuits (2x per week) for about 20-30 minutes followed by about 20 minutes of cardio.   The other 2 days, get in 30-45 minutes of cardiovascular work (walk, jog, elliptical, swim, bike, etc.).

A “best” recommendation is 5-6 days per week, ranging from 30-60 minutes per day, depending on your level and intensity.  Get in 3 days per week of strength training & 3 days of cardio minimum.  This is definitely for the person that is ready to commit to making some serious change in their body.

And if you want my BESTEST of BEST recommendationthen follow my book, The IMPACT! Body Plan.  Yeah, yeah, yeah….GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!!!

Q:  What is your go- to exercise to get the whole body involved?

A. Man, I have a ton of them.  I guess a few of them would be DB Squat & Shoulder Press, burpees with pushup & squat jump, or do a “10/10/10.”  That is 10 squat jumps, 10 pushups, & 10 pullups (or TRX Rows/Curls).  Repeat that for 3-4 rounds.  Come get some!

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