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Mastermind Member In The Spotlight: Mike Ibasco

Mike Ibasco is a five-year Todd Durkin Mastermind Platinum member and standout teammate.  He is the owner/operator of The Fitness Source, seven years and running, the premier personal training, weight loss, sports performance and triathlon studio in Las Vegas, NV. Mike leads a TEAM of 5 fitness professionals in a total body wellness approach to training and living. His clients include world class endurance athletes, top business executives and people of all ages looking to get better. He is very active in the Las Vegas community and “gives back” frequently to non-profits and people in need. The mission of The Fitness Source is to help change your life by providing the essentials of health and fitness for your mind and body. Check Out Mike’s story below…

Name: Mike Ibasco
Location (City/State): Las Vegas, Nevada
Your Role/Title: Owner The Fitness Source
Hobbies/activities/interests: Playing football, basketball,
baseball, and volleyball. Cycling. Love to cook and improvise
recipes. Taking RV camping trips with my fiancé Stephanie.
Watching sports.

Share your story. What inspires you? How has your journey helped you create WHO you are today? What’s your purpose in life?

The life people live is what inspires me to do what I do today. It’s very important for me to provide service when it comes to helping each individual face challenges in health, fitness, and overall wellbeing. My journey is based upon the quality I can give to each client along the way. Everyone is different, everyone has their good and bad days, everyone is special, everyone has their challenges, and everyone is important. This is what makes me explore and learn how I can be a better person everyday.
How has the TD Mastermind Group (your teammates and coaches) helped you improve personally & professionally. What are some of your top accomplishments?

The Mastermind is not a group, it’s a FAMILY that provides LOVE, CARE, SUPPORT, and PASSION to what I do. I’m part of a family that UNDERSTANDS the challenges I face. I’m INCLUDED in the SUCCESS that we create. I’m part of a FAMILY that has my back no matter what I encounter.

•    In 2009 we were chosen as the “top workout spot” in Las Vegas.
•    In 2010 we were featured on the Dr. Oz show
•    In 2010 we added several revenue streams such a triathlon programs and biggest winner contests
•    In 2010 we expanded to 4000 sq/ft.
•    In 2011 we doubled our revenue
•    In 2011 we hosted a Las Vegas wide football Combine Program that was entirely funded by sponsors
•    In 2012 I was invited to speak at Club Industry

How do your teammates, coaches, and the Mastermind continue to inspire you?

Todd, Coach Frank and Larry, and my teammates help me feel optimistic about my journey in the health and fitness business.  They provide me with the passion it takes to be successful.  They provide accurate information to the challenges and obstacles that I encounter daily.  Overall, they are my lifeline in my personal and business venture.

How has Todd’s leadership, coaching, and motivation personally or professionally helped you?

Todd has become an important figure in my business and life.  Before we knew each other he provided me with the vision years ago at a pre-con I attended that made me jump to the next step and open my own studio. He made me dream big, he made me feel like anything is possible, he supported my mistakes and made me learn how to face adversity. Todd understands me personally by providing quality information that is above and beyond what I could ask for.

What one piece of advice would you provide for a young fitness professional who is just starting out?

Here are some tips for the young entrepreneurs. Have a family of supporters that understand what your visions are. Be resilient, always provide service, and have a purpose in business and life. Lastly, BE YOU and not someone else.
How about one piece of advice you would offer a seasoned-savvy fitness pro?
For the savvy entrepreneurs. Don’t be in the business to compete, but to support other entrepreneurs and learn how to succeed with what you are best at. Never be comfortable in business; be on ahead of the trend. Lastly, dream beyond your dreams to succeed.

Anything else you would like to share.

If my clients are happy, so am I. My job is done

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