Why This Man Lost 100 Lbs | IMPACT Q&A

Change is NOT easy. Regardless of the change needed in one’s life, it takes commitment, sacrifice, discipline, and a lot of hard work to make the changes desired. Meet Rick Oliver. He messaged me on Instagram and shared his story of him recently losing 100+ lbs. I was so intrigued by his story, the reason […]

The Day the World Changed

The following is an open letter on change I shared with the world on 9/11/17, the 16th anniversary of the 9-11 tragedy. In an effort to truly capture the emotion of this letter, I also recorded it on audio. You can listen to the powerful message here.  My friends, you have heard a few of […]

It Is All About Choices

Have you ever stopped to think about what got YOU to where you are today? Whether you “like” where you’re at or not, you are a collection of your choices, experiences, happenings, and events. And you’re a product of the people/teachers/coaches/bosses/mentors who have influenced you in your lifetime. If you “like” where you are at […]

What is Your Core?

What is Your Core? By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS I just returned from teaching at a large Health Club up in Seattle, WA called PRO Sports Club. It is massive. 30,000 members, 800 employees, 110 full-time trainers. 4 different locations. It is quite an impressive place that was started by Dr. Mark Dedomenico, MD & […]

Cracklings, Crawdads, and Boudin…Time to CHANGE a few things up?”

Cracklings, Crawdads, and Boudin…Time to CHANGE a few things up?” By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS I was down in Lafayette, Louisiana a few weeks ago doing talks for the American Heart Association, and then a half-day “IMPACT Leadership” program for a private company specializing in oil and gas industry transportation. And a funny thing happened […]

What does your GUT say?

Every week for the past 2 years I have a “W.O.W.” (Word of the Week) that I focus on. It’s a word that is typically resonating deep within me. This week, my WOW is “GUT.” Think about your GUT. You know that feeling that just tells you when things just feel right…or wrong. That “thing” […]