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It Is All About Choices

Have you ever stopped to think about what got YOU to where you are today?

Whether you “like” where you’re at or not, you are a collection of your choices, experiences, happenings, and events. And you’re a product of the people/teachers/coaches/bosses/mentors who have influenced you in your lifetime.

If you “like” where you are at in life, keep doing MORE of what you are doing. Keep dreaming big, taking more risk, living your purpose, and taking massive ACTION. Use fear to motivate you and propel you to live your life’s mission.

If you don’t like where you are at in life, then CHANGE your story. It takes courage. It takes guts. It takes CHOICE. And only you can make that decision. Who you train with, what you eat, how you recover, what you do on weekends, who you surround yourself with, your environment, what you read, your mindset, your faith, your career, and your health…ultimately YOU need to be the one who captains your ship and controls your destiny. And that means you MUST CHOOSE to follow your best practices and invest in yourself daily.

What do you CHOOSE to CHANGE today? How, what, and where can you do better in life? What CHOICES can you make to improve the quality of your life?

Is it your physical health? Your nutrition? Your mindset? Your career? Your relationships? Your adventure?

CHOOSE wisely today and do whatever it takes to be your best!

FQ10 Client Chris Young wins World Series!
Speaking of choices, I want to talk about someone who I’ve trained for the past 7-years and just achieved a major accolade. MLB Pitcher Chris Young won his first World Series ring with the Kansas City Royals. Chris has had a 12-year pitching career and he pitched in Games 1 & 4 of the Series. He won Game 1 and got a no-decision in Game 4.


A couple things about big CY:

  1. Here is a guy, who at age 36, battled adversity the last few years. It was discovered he had an “extra” rib that needed to be cut out that was the root of a couple years of continuous shoulder injuries. He’s now been pitching injury-free the past 2 years and has a few more great years in him.
  2. Chris is a Princeton University graduate and was All-Conference in both basketball and baseball. He’s not only a great athlete, he’s an intelligent man who always does things the RIGHT way. He’s the consummate student-athlete.
  3. He bounced around to 4 different teams in the last 4 years. There were times he didn’t even know if he would be signed again. Even this year, he was still training with me DURING spring training…before he got signed by the Royals at the end of spring training. #Belief
  4. CY always talks about CHOICES. Heck, he spoke at my son Luke’s swim-banquet a few years ago to a couple hundred kids (ages 7-15) about how CHOICES affect you in life, regardless of your age. Sage wisdom from one of the smartest, kindest pro athletes I work with.

It doesn’t matter your age. Your career. Your dreams or your desires. If you want to achieve something special in life, you must decide that you want to do it, and then you must make the right CHOICES that will help you achieve what it is that you desire.

Congratulations Chris on your first World Series ring. More importantly, thanks for always doing it the RIGHT way and being a great role model to so many aspiring young student athletes. Your hard-work, dedication, discipline, faith, belief, and CHOICES have led you to this moment in your life and career. #WorldChampion

Yours Truly named amongst “Greatest Quarterbacks Ever at the Jersey Shore”
Lastly, I recently earned an accolade that was CHOSEN by a group of sportswriters and fans back in New Jersey. Yours truly was named one of the “Greatest Quarterbacks Ever at the Jersey Shore.”

Brick QB throwing

I am deeply honored and humbled by this honor. Anytime you are acknowledged by your peers and fans, it’s special. The fact that I finished high school 26-years ago and am still remembered as a top-notch athlete this long after the fact is even more special… and puts a smile on my face.

I always took great pride in playing for Brick Football and playing at the Shore was always extremely competitive. Some of my best memories in all of sports happened in high school and I’m grateful for the many teammates, coaches, teachers, and mentors who helped me create the work ethic, belief system, and mindset of a champion.

And while it would be impossible to name all the people who influenced me profoundly from 1985-1989, I would like to give Coach Warren Wolf a special shout-out for being the mentor, man, and coach that forever etched “greatness” into my life. I know he impacted tens of thousands of young men positively, and my story is just ONE. It shows you the power of a great COACH!

My friends, it truly is a great month for gratitude and “giving back.” There is just so much to be “Great”ful for in life. My encouragement to you is that you live life to the fullest also. Whatever CHOICES you need to make to improve the quality of your health, mindset, career, or life…CHOOSE to be better today.

DOn’t waIT! Today is your day. Who you are today indeed is a product of the choices you have made in the past. But who you are “tomorrow” is going to be a product of the choices you make today and every day moving forward.

CHOOSE wisely…and WIN THE DAY!

Much love,



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