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What does your GUT say?

Every week for the past 2 years I have a “W.O.W.” (Word of the Week) that I focus on. It’s a word that is typically resonating deep within me.

This week, my WOW is “GUT.”

Think about your GUT. You know that feeling that just tells you when things just feel right…or wrong. That “thing” that you “feel” when trying to make big decisions.

You just got to trust it. Your GUT.

It’s something I first learned from my sister Patti back when I was back in college at William & Mary many moons ago and contemplating switching majors. My head said to be a government major. My GUT said to be a Kinesiology major. I listened to my GUT.

It’s a lesson that I have used countless times within my business, Fitness Quest 10. In hiring people. In firing people. In relationships. In sessions. In cultivating a culture.


Fast forward to now.

We just wrapped up my 13th, 3.5 Day Mentorship yesterday with 42 fired-up fitness pros. I am talking some great, passionate people. 15 states and 5 countries represented. Many of their stories were already incredible.

And after this weekend, they are all destined for even more significant IMPACT.

And I dare to say that this 13th Mentorship was the best Mentorship my team & I have offered.


Let’s just say I listened to my GUT.

First, I changed up the venue a bit. Part of the Mentorship was held at Fitness Quest 10. And part of it was at an extraordinary, world-class resort property (Hilton Torrey Pines) overlooking the Pacific Ocean and legendary Torrey Pines Golf Course.

Success breeds success and world-class breeds world-class. Environment plays a key role in thinking BIG and we had one heckuva environment for the entire Mentorship. Between Fitness Quest 10 and this resort, you couldn’t help but think BIG.

Next, my GUT decided to go with just one single 3.5 Day Mentorship this year, instead of two. And my GUT said to make it even more magical than ever.

My GUT said one Mentorship a year to better FOCUS my energy…

My Gut said to have even more incredible guest speakers but make them “TED Talk” style…

My GUT said to promote the event a bit differently…

My GUT said to speak to a larger group …

My GUT said to create even more WOW…

And it all worked. Magically. And we now have 42 new life-transformers ready to set the world on fire.

So why CHANGE?

Because my GUT said we needed to.

This week, the “WOW” is GUT.

Trust your gut. What is going on in your world that you need to rely on your “gut” to make a decision? And the bigger the decision, the more you need to lean on and listen to your gut.

And if and when you do listen to that little “voice” inside you, that “feeling” that tells you what you need to do, rarely will it steer you wrong.

Much love… and much GUTS!


P.S. It was an honor to have my sister Patti in attendance at this Mentorship. It’s the first time a sibling of mine has ever been to one of my Mentorships. And the fact that she is the one that taught me the lesson about listening to my GUT, it was extremely special to have her experience the magic that was created because of me heeding a lesson I learned from her some 23 years ago.

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