Today is kind of a SAD day

Today is a “sad” day. Well, actually, it’s a “happy” day, but I’m struggling a bit. My baby-girl McKenna turns “13” today. She’s a full-blown teenager. I’m literally shaking-my-head thinking, how did this all happen so darned quick. Man, gotta slow TIME down. High-School Sports are BACK!!! In addition to feeling HAPPY today, we are […]

The Future of Fitness Quest 10… And Then Some

Who needs a little “mellow-yellow” time these days? You know, a few days off after a stressful few weeks, months, and even year. With cold weather blistering much of the U.S. and the pandemic still looming around (better but still not gone), there’s a good chance you need some relaxation and rejuvenation time too. My […]